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Mindful Mesmerisms introduces professional academic research consulting. We help guide you through Professional Writing, School- Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral Research Projects, Career Guidance, and Student-Friendly advice and suggestions to help your academic papers look more credible and of exceptional quality. Our academic research consulting services focus on providing individualised help to every student according to your research project requirements. Our academic and technical editors and proof-readers are specialists in varied academic fields in Humanities. Our technical editors can polish your scientific research documents that require a special expertise and knowledge of subject terminology under the research domain of Humanities. With our professional research consulting services, you gain an edge over other research scholars, as your research documents are free of linguistic and formatting errors and of plagiarism of all kinds. 

What We Do:


Proof-Reading always enhances objectivity. We proofread your work with objective and credible technical software.

APA Formatting

We assist with APA Referencing and research paper formatting accordingly. We used the latest version of APA.

Academic Editing

We use advanced software to help your work become more technically appropriate for a research-oriented audience. 

Research Guidance

We provide an objective guidance for your research work and aid in providing information that benefits your research.

Article Peer-Review

We provide expert opinions by certified peer reviewers to evaluate your submitted articles in a scholarly journal.

Plagiarism Check

We are approved to do a thorough plagiarism check with the TURNITIN software and ensure your work has minimal plagiarism. 

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Why Should You Choose Us:

Budget Friendly

We do not cost a bomb like other agencies. We also understand the student-friendly pocket budget and work accordingly. You don't have to worry about paying a bomb.


We ensure the Protection of your data and research. None of these uses online sources, hence, the problem of having your work published unethically anywhere will never take place. 


Our academic research consulting services focus on providing individualized help to every scholar according to your research project requirements, in the field of Humanities.

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What We Don't Do:

Writing Your Research

We DO NOT write your research or add additional information to your work because we only assist with professional editing.

Data Analysis

We DO NOT assist with statistical or qualitative analysis since that requires an additional group of experts for the same.

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