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How Can You Focus On Your Mental Health Today?

Mental health is defined as an individual’s state of psychological as well as emotional well-being. An individual’s mental health is as important as their physical health. When our minds, feelings, and thoughts are positive, then an individual is living a healthy, happy life and their chance of coping with any tragedy in their life increases. Our mental health is influenced by various internal and external factors like fear, life events, hardship, and genetics.

Our mental health influences the decisions we take, how we maintain relationships in our lives, how we view others, and ourselves. Mental health even affects our eating habits, alcohol and tobacco consumption, sleep, and exercise pattern. Hence, Dr Lauren Fogel Mercy said that “Being able to be your true self is one of the strongest components of good mental health.”

In India, a considerable stigma exists around mental health and mental illnesses. World Health Organization conducted a survey that shows more than twenty per cent of Indians suffer from mental illness. The societal norms, fear of being judged, lack of knowledge about mental health, lack of resources are a few factors that lead to stigma and difficulties in seeking therapy.

It is imperative to balance between our positive and negative thoughts for our better emotional well-being. Each of us experiences negative thoughts, but, we must learn how to acknowledge, process, and express those thoughts and feelings. In case you are unable to overcome your negative thoughts, you must consult and seek professional help. It is essential to seek help as negative thoughts often lead to –

  • Severe Mood swings

  • Increase the consumption of drugs or alcohol

  • Lack of energy to do things

  • Abnormal sleeping patterns or insomnia

  • Diminished immune system

  • Lack of interest in your favourite activities

  • Constant fighting with your loved ones

It is essential to know and understand that an individual can live a happy and healthy life with a mental illness. One must learn the ways and keep working with their counsellor to ensure their better emotional well-being. We have mentioned a few home remedies and exercises which can be helpful but, we highly recommend to seek help when needed.

Mental health Exercises-

1. Social Media Detox - Turning off all the notifications and taking a small detox from social media is one the greatest and healthiest boundaries you can set for yourself. It is a chance to RELAX, REFRESH, RECHARGE, and CONNECT WITH YOURSELF.

2. Count your blessings -It might feel unimportant to take time for yourself every day and, perform some self-care activities for yourself. But have you ever felt –

  • Need to change your bad mood around?

  • Have you ever felt that nobody loves you around?

This is a fun activity that is easy, simple, and will just take five minutes. This exercise will boost your confidence, positive thoughts, and emotions. It will help you practice being grateful and feel blessed.

3. Practising gratitude- One of the best ways to find “positivity” is by practising gratitude. When individuals spend time focusing on the good things in their lives, they become more positive. Positivity in life reduces your stress as well as increases your self-esteem. There might be times when you are feeling low, anxious, or you may be having too many negative thoughts at that time. You can read your gratitude list and remember the festive events that happen in our everyday lives.

4. Self- Care Day- Self-care to the key to better psychological and emotional well-being. For each one of us, self-care means different things. Some everyday activities included in self-care are –

  • Watching a movie

  • Engaging in your hobby

  • Taking a warm shower

  • Going out for running

  • Pampering yourself with skincare

5. Meditation - A little self-care can go a long way toward helping us get a better, happier and healthier life. During the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has overpowered our lives. The overload and overwhelm can lead us to the road of excess stress, anxiety and many more issues like depression. By practising mediation, you can achieve a mentally and emotionally calm and stable state. It helps you in concentrating and alleviate from the path of anxiety and stress.

Let us know what you do to maintain positive mental health during the pandemic. Send us your responses to if you have more ideas.

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