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Little Hands

Old men can make war, but it is children who will make history.

-Ray Merritt

For the last few days, early morning, I hear a child next door screeching while I am sleeping. This tests my tolerance and understanding. For people like me who do not fancy children much nor are likeable by them, this experience can get on one’s nerves. But today was not that day. While the child was screeching early morning, I woke up, followed by a reflection of my younger self. It made me aware that the child is also a being like me, going through something that I might have gone through, but the expression is not familiar, I guess!?. An expression can change as we grow. The varied expressions that everyone has become unfamiliar and with can be quite interesting yet intimidating at times.

Given, what do you think about children?. Many of us might not have anything to say, at least for the next few minutes. Only the experiences with them would be crossing our minds. That momentary phase can be similar to that of a child’s perception. Nothing can be comprehended, only observed. Observing stories and not becoming them comes very naturally to children in most cases. Anything which cannot be comprehended has huge potential, and this stands true for children.

Anything that makes history has something significant to it because of which it is remembered for years. It’s the essence of being specific. Children are the positive moving essence who allow us to look at ourselves and everything around us.

Out of many, below are a few ways in which their presence helps in self-growth.

1. Balance

We can observe how it feels in a space where there is a child and one where there is not. The perfection in everything, even in certain temperaments that we strive for, children don’t understand them until they learn about it. And these can be temperaments that don’t require perfection. So if you see anything not in order, know for sure that there is a child around. Their actions speak about their temperament. It is similar to a hot wheels car lying somewhere in between the well-maintained grass.

2. Curiosity

Every child is curious. The elderly are too, but it might have been forgotten by them. Curiosity is subjective- the things about which one is curious. Having a child around definitely helps one to catch up to the lost charm. It is a play for children given the number of answers you give to a question they ask. They might be quiet for a while, but for sure new questions will arise on it. They will never get answers for everything. They know it. But it is a play to find varied answers.

3. Self-Growth

As we saw above, the curiosity they have and the questions they ask exercise our minds. We might have forgotten to be curious. Children help us to revive that. While engaging with children, many other aspects of oneself are put forward to form a healthy bond with them. We have to become a child all together to understand them and blend with them.

4. Connection

In today’s world, where connections are formed based on the physical aspects, children show us what a true connection means. They don’t choose their group based on looks, status, etc., but they get along to share the joy and move around with joy. They have compassion for other living beings and connect in a better way than the elderly do.

5. Forgiveness

Being able to forgive is a mark of ones’ innocence. And we might as well have heard a lot about the innocence that children have. They do not hold any resentment or grudges against anyone for long. They cry about it and let it go or just understand that it does not matter and there are my hot wheels lying on the grass which I have to attend to!.

Children are beings to wonder about. Just like when it rains, the fragrance of earth is more prominent, and that earth is used to mould and craft beautiful vessels. The birth of a child is like it is raining, and they are the earth. They are the present and will be the future.

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