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Social Media: Are They Your Real Colours?

Human beings are persuadable in every single situation in life. It doesn’t matter what language they speak, where they live, and how strong and intelligent they are. It is actually all about the mindset.

Majority of social media companies hire someone called Attention engineers. They develop a variety of strategies to Gaslight humans according to their choices and requirements.

Engaging with social media sites and cell phones release a chemical substance in the brain called ‘dopamine’. It makes people feel good while they receive responses back on social media sites. That’s why people count on their text messages, likes, comments and go back to their notifications nearly around ten and much more times unconsciously.

Dopamine is the same chemical substance that makes people feel good, happy and satisfied when they are intoxicated by using drugs, gambling or even participate in pleasurable activities. Smoking, using drugs and gambling are maybe fun and okay but, when it goes beyond a limit, obviously it becomes an addiction interfering into people’s day to day routines.

Social media is a big part of a millennial’s daily lives. Relationships are not face-to-face, but yes, it exists in a virtual form. People create a false world, with a variety of filters and snappy status. They end up portraying themselves as enjoying a beautiful, relaxed life far that is better than expected while isolating themself from the ‘real space’.

They pretend and live their lives through screens, escaping from reality. People choose ‘friends’ based on the assumption that they are on the same wavelength, without understanding that social media tends to make recommendations based on their own set of interests. Individuals are sharing information on their social media or any online platform, and this remains without any consideration of their privacy, security and possible consequences.

A fascinating study by the New York Times Consumer Insight Group revealed the reasons listed by the participants for sharing information in social media platforms. The grounds include a desire to disclose valuable and exciting content to others and a desire to identify themselves. It also involves a willingness to develop and maintain relationships which are just to get a social acceptance among the peers despite overcoming the fear of judgement or fear of being missed out.

Though social media are the killers of quality time in life, they possess few rays of positivity too. It makes introverts to shine, creating their own page in their life chapters, helping them to alleviate the feelings of isolation. It connects a wide variety of people worldwide for many good causes. It becomes a beautiful platform to share people’s values, thoughts, opinions, ideas in hand, providing an incredibly unique platform to showcase the true colours of potential aspirants. This also enhanced the growth of various fields including education, health, business, economy, art, science, cinema industry, etc., all over the world.

Over half of the educators agreed that social media promotes engagement and offers a learning-fostering atmosphere. LinkedIn, blogs, Wikipedia and various podcasts are now popular resources in many educational institutions for learning. Social networking has led to the development of online long-distance learning.

Social media activism creates an increased awareness about societal issues from National to International users. It gradually kills the real-activism by replacing it with the worthy concept called ‘slacktivism’.

Lives were simpler when people didn’t have a need to prove themselves as worthy, capable, muscular, confident, brave, etc., to anyone. They had a great life without selfies, fulfilled life without filters and authentic friends for a lifetime.

The emergence of social media sites has created a more significant revolution over a decade and more. Depending on what people are consuming from social media platforms, it becomes either a fantastic blessing or a great plague.

People should get to know the difference between building a faithful, genuine relationship and a fake relationship in these social platforms. Understand no one in this world is leading a so-called perfect happiest life. Create your own book rather than being part of someone else.

Laugh! Love! Live!

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