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About Mindful Mesmerisms

The Full Story

Mindful Mesmerisms is a mental health initiative based in Bangalore which provides individual and group counselling. We also conduct workshops and events to promote positive mental health through mental health awareness and mental health literacy. We are a group of counsellors, clinical psychologists, bibliotherapists and language therapists. We believe in an integrative approach for holistic healing through mindfulness techniques.

We also believe in a de-stigmatising society concerning mental health by promoting psycho-educative workshops and events to help positive catharsis and information building.

Mindful Mesmerisms was conceived in a secret conversation among two best friends during their Post Graduate classroom. The unfairness of people in psychology that solely focused on the business aspect of therapy gained the attention of our founders who wanted to work towards positive mental health by building a better community of mental health professionals. Psychology and psychotherapy has always been an area of vast research, but psycho-education and promoting positive mental health at a very grassroot-level was something that lacked quite a bit in mental health organisations. We intend to bridge that research gap by permeating through the grassroot-levels of actually reach out to people. 

We started this initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic of March 2020 since the lockdown began as we recognised a major need for mental health in the country and world-wide. With the advancement in technology and the inability for children and adults to even understand and search for the right things on social media or the Internet, we aim to psycho-educate and promote mental health awareness the right way.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Sonia David
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Sonia David is a Psychological Counsellor in Schools and has worked as a Psychology Lecturer as well. She has completed her Ph.D. in Psychology and specializes in Expressive Arts Techniques and Film Therapy. She is a certified Art Therapist and an Acceptance and Commitment Therapist. Her research activities include expressive arts therapies, and person-centered and solution-focused therapy. She is also a published author, spoken poet and is currently working as an Assistant Professor in CHRIST (deemed-to-be University), Bangalore.



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Christina David
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Christina David is a retired school teacher. Having worked with children for over 15 years, she is a home maker and an excellent administrator. She handles the financial aspect and the administrative aspects of our organisation. She is a mental health advocate and a writer. She also specializes in curriculum planning and is a certified teaching faculty in Bangalore, India.​


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