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Manisha Raghunath
Workshop: Mandala Art 

Manisha is a  Marketing and Communications Professional. She has been practising Mandala Art since 2018 and is partially self-taught. She is passionate about teaching the art form to others who will benefit from the relaxed atmosphere which is created while practising Mandala art.


Swathi Nair
Workshop: Body Positivity

Swathi has a postgraduate degree in Journalism from Cardiff University and has been very vocal about her body image struggles. She believes in expressing herself through her blogs and writing. She aims to be able to increase awareness and make society understand the importance of mental health support.

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Debapriya Dattaroy
Workshop: Improving Relationship with Self

Debapriya has completed her M.Phil in Psychology and is a Psychological Counsellor along with being a published author. She has been fascinated with Criminal Psychology and Forensic Sciences. She uses poetry, reading and various genres of books in the use of therapeutic practices for emotional and situational distress as a proven form of catharsis.


Jacinta Gomes
Workshop: Self Compassion

Jacinta Gomes is a Clinical Psychologist and Child Counsellor based in Madgaon, Goa. She has completed her Post Graduation in Clinical Psychology and enjoys working with children in clinical settings. She also follows the ideologies of Positive Psychology and stands affirm with concepts of Gratitude, Compassion and Positive Self-Esteem in her workplace as well as her personal life. 


Mishika Sethi
Workshop: Art Therapy

Mishika is the founder of Leap Over Life and a Certified Psychologist and a Practicing member of International Association of Therapist. She is a fun-loving person who loves to travel and explore the world and is never afraid of asking and learning things new things. According to her, life is an endless path of uncountable challenges waiting for us so, take the road less travelled and be brave enough to fight your way out.

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Lalitha Chandrashekhar
Workshop: Understanding Body Language

Lalitha Chandrasekhar is a counselling psychologist and an educational consultant. She is a certified cognitive behaviour therapist. She has also presented two academic research papers. Apart from being a mental health advocate, her hobbies include researching in areas of women and health, reading books and writing articles.


Lahriapuii Fanai
Addiction and Choice: Rethinking the Relationship

Lalhriatpuii Fanai is interested in working in the field of addiction among emerging adults. She has completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology and is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Psychology. Her research interests lie in developing culturally appropriate interventions; ethnocultural moderators of treatment outcomes; assessing and enhancing motivation to change, and improving interventions for individuals with alcohol and other substance use disorders (SUDs).


Aarthi Nagvenkar
Speech Delays: Myths and Facts About Socio-Developmental Stage

Aarthi Nagvenkar is a Psychological Counselor focusing on person-centred and cognitive-behavioural techniques/tools and strategies. She is also a Special Educator and a Language Therapist for children with Developmental Disabilities. She is a Certified Art Therapist. She practises art-based therapy when it comes to individual counselling for children and parents. She believes that art is a channel where she personally reflects and expresses her emotions in a positive way. 

Our Collaborations

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Sreelalitha Raghunathan
Workshop: Exploring Emotions through Collage Art Therapy

Sreelalitha Raghunathan is a Freelance trainer with 12 years of expertise in the corporate arena. Her qualifications in Psychology has helped her comprehend human behaviour from numerous perspectives and assist people in being more efficient in their employment. As a certified Art Based Therapy, it has given her the opportunity to work with people to help express themselves in a creative manner which has given her a better understanding of the human mind and the subconscious mental blocks which when explored through Art has a greater impact on the self-awareness and emotional well-being of the person.

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