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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 / Is online therapy and counselling effective?

Online Therapy and Counselling is effective as per many scientific researches. Online Counselling & therapy is the most effective and comfortable way to help you overcome your emotional and mental issues. It helps you connect with your therapist based on your convenience, comfort and need. Many types of research have highlighted that online counselling & therapy is as effective and successful in dealing with mental health problems as face-to-face therapy. 

2 / How many sessions will I need to overcome my mental health issues?

Six Sessions are the best and most recommended ones by our experts. Counselling is not just about making you neutral from the negative but also enhancing positivity and better results in the overall domain of your life. So, you can take the advice and integrate the learning from the sessions for long-term benefits and growth. Choosing the no. of sessions also depends upon your need and situation, usually, problems like anxiety, stress, depression, fears, phobias, etc from at least 6 months or more can take a few weeks or months to heal, so continuous sessions are recommended in that situation. The therapist will guide you further about the sessions' quantity and frequency.

3 / Is Mindful Mesmerisms' Online Counselling confidential and secure?

Mindful Mesmerisms ensures that your information is kept highly confidential and secure and will not be shared with anyone. We ensure your privacy and all the information will be kept confidential with your therapist. You can express yourself freely with full trust and openness. Mindful Mesmerisms provides you the platform you be your own true self without any masks and fear of judgment.

4 / Will the same Therapist be assigned to me if I choose to continue with more sessions?

Yes, the same therapist will be assigned to you every time you wish to continue with Mindful Mesmerisms. In case you wish to have a new therapist or counsellor, We will look into your request and may consider your request for the same. We make this step easy for you and we choose the best therapist for you so that you don’t deal with the unnecessary stress to find out the best for you. We will assign a specialized therapist as per your situation. So, you don’t need to worry about getting the best one for you, We assure you of quality service and counselling.

5 / How is a Professional Psychotherapist's advice different from a friend's advice?

By choosing a therapist, you are choosing a professional who will not only guide you but also provide you with unconditional emotional support and an opportunity to grow in life. You will be heard and empowered with an appropriate set of healing tools to help you become capable of walking from the state of ordinary to extraordinary. We provide a holistic approach to the overall wellness of your mind, emotions and consciousness. We will help you overcome your emotional & mental problems and improve the quality of your inner self. It is an opportunity for you to be on a journey to understand yourself and create a happy and meaningful life.

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