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Group Counselling Sessions

Group Counselling Sessions are conducted with a certain agenda and you are free to contact us for any further details on our specific group therapy sessions.

We provide group therapy in the following ways:

Psychoeducation Groups

These groups focus on providing information and education about specific topics, such as mental health disorders, coping skills, stress management, or communication skills. Participants learn from the therapist and each other, gaining knowledge and strategies to improve their well-being.

Support Groups

Support groups bring together individuals who share similar experiences, challenges, or identities. They provide a safe space for participants to share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns, and receive support from others who can relate to their experiences. Our support groups focus on various topics, such as grief and loss, body image dissatisfaction,  acceptance and self esteem concerns.

Psychotherapy Groups

These groups involve more in-depth therapeutic work and are led by our therapist. They focus on addressing psychological issues, exploring emotions, and facilitating personal growth. Our psychotherapy groups follow theoretical orientations, such as CBT, ACT and Film Therapy, using a humanistic and person-centered approach.

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