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A Perfect life: Truth or Myth?

Here, I want to tell you a story...

But at first, please make yourself comfortable and start reading this with your full attention.

No, no, I’m not going to serve you any beverage. You have to do it for yourself! I’m going to help you with a flaming story.

So here it starts,

On a bright sunny day, a girl was born. She was like every other baby, extraordinary and delicate. Her parents and grandparents were happy, and they welcomed her. Try to give her everything possible, like most of the parents, do. As she grew up, she was a bright student and an active one. While entering her adolescence, she was just a perfect girl. She tops in everything. You name it, and she achieves it. From being the topper of her class to winning every competition, she has set a benchmark for every other peer.

She wanted to be a doctor, so she started pursuing her career. Her parents supported her as always, and the day came for the final announcement of her results. She was nervous and excited. And as her father checked her results... you know she was a bright student, she passed that exam. And now, she was finally a doctor. Imagine pursuing your dream and reaching it without any hurdle. Perfect, isn’t it?

Now, the time has come. Her parents told her to get married. She was okay with the idea of getting married, and so she said yes. Her parents found the groom just as she was, perfect! They both got married and blessed with a newborn. She continued her career journey. Everything went well, and she travelled the whole world. Ticked her all checklist and to-do’s list. She saved for the emergency fund but was blessed to never use it.

She went through her mid-life, which was not in the crisis. And she smoothly enters her old age. She lived her life with perfection. From the day she was born till now, she hadn’t faced any hindrance in her life. Be it her personal, relationship, career, financial, and social. She had an incredible and perfect life journey.

The story ends here.

How was the story? Did it sound like a fantasy?

You and I must agree on one thing that her story was nice but... something was missing.

Have you noticed something? I haven’t mentioned her name. Because neither does she exist nor does her story.

What did you learn from the tale?

A monotonous life journey or an adventurous one? (Please remember there is a difference between monotonous and peace. So choosing a monotonous life will not essentially bring a peaceful one)

Now, imagine...

No, no, I’m not going to tell you another story. I’m telling you to imagine your own life without the hindrance. Do you find it exciting? Do you see any learning without obstruction? The answer would probably be a big NO.

Our life is like a roller coaster: the more ups and downs, the more things to learn from.

To be honest, we all want a perfect life, or, to be precise, a peaceful life. But trust me, it can never be perfect. And it shouldn’t be. Imagine a world where everyone has an ideal life and the same one. You can feel the boredom in words only. There will be nothing new. Nothing exciting. A couple of years back, if you asked me what I want - a perfect life journey or an exciting one. My answer would have been an ideal life. But I have learned 2 things in life

  1. Life can never be PERFECT, ESPECIALLY ALL THE TIME.

  2. Everyone has a different life journey, and that is its freshness.

Have you ever met a person who has everything in every aspect of life? NO.

We can’t have a perfect life ALL THE TIME.

In your life, you have must have experienced a phase where suddenly all your problems vanish, and you are living a content life. But it doesn’t last for long. Because it is based on other factors. Not on you. There is no such thing as a perfect life. But there is a happy life, and it is up to you.

You can be HAPPY. Try it now. Feel that you are a perfect human, at the ideal place, at the ideal time, and doing ideal stuff. The only thing you need to do is keep adding new layers to the aspects of your life. It can be in your personality, in your career, in your relationships. And what doesn’t suits you, remove them.

Believe me, your life is perfect. You will think that I’m a confused human who has written above that there is nothing like an ideal life, and now I’m telling you that your life is perfect.

Here is the logic, your life is not perfect as per society’s standards. It is ideal because of its uniqueness. Every life and its journey should be unique, and if it is impressive, then it is PERFECT.


Tell us your thoughts in the comment box. Let the different perspective come in.

Also, I request you to help us. You have to share.....

Your experiences! Let us learn from you! Help us with your personal experience. Share your hindrance journey to inspire other HUMANS.

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