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Are you part of the Hustle Culture too?

Hustle culture is a hype given for something that only gives us talk and no end-worthy product. If one asks for proof, The Millenials of this economy are cutting slack by not earning their financial goals set or claiming their asset to hustle along. As great as it sounded when presented- why are the youth and millennials calling you toxic towards their mental health and relationships?

But what is hustle culture anyway?

In simple terms, hustle culture implies that one should constantly keep working in their respective office/workforce. The catch is your work is the top priority. You work anywhere and everywhere. Does this sound cool, or does this promote something toxic called workaholism?

Life outside of the facade with redefining what success means outside of a 40-plus-hour work week- and most are unaware of it because of "One culprit- Hustle Culture."

This aesthetic most follow religiously, feeling this is how life should be led- promoting and leading a toxic standard of life. Most of them who embraced this lifestyle would have been the previous generations because if the Millenials and youth see through it- then the era that stuck through would be them.

Elon Musk gets very little sleep and believes that people who want to make a difference should work longer. A bit from-Workaholism – a 21st-century addiction | The Psychologist "Others claim workaholism arises when a person prefers to work as a way of stopping the person from thinking about their emotional and personal lives (Robinson, 2000) and/or are over-concerned with their work and neglect other areas of their lives (Persaud, 2004).

Creates an obsession with work

This is toxic because it creates an imbalance in our lives. Hustle culture tells everyone and anyone to work always- keeping your needs and wants aside. This priority given to hustle culture and dedication to work is degrading one's physical, emotional, and mental health. Many people have reported that they end up not having an appetite to eat food at reasonable periods, mentally disturbed during not working, i.e., when on vacation or not working, they are agitated or irritated. According to a MetLife study, millennial managers are more likely (42%) to say they're burned out than other generations.

Then why is it tempting to opt for such a lifestyle?

This is a doubt most have, but most say they don't have a choice either but to agree as their entire company/workforce obliges it. Most find it luring because they find it to be the only method to gain a boost for the growth of their career. Anything achieved at a fast pace will have a side effect- the same goes for embracing hustle culture. This is beautiful reasoning for any career path.

The side effects are long-term and problematic when one gains all the insight and exposure to grow in abundance in the work field. The corporate ladder deals with nasty politics and power from various positions to deal with. One would want to make their name in the company/industry or workplace. At the least, its idea is sold in a very compelling manner that one doesn't turn away from it.

The prominent hustle culture takes away is something overtime money can't suffice. One works at their job to provide for themselves and sustain their families/close ones. Hustle culture while prioritizing work above everything else in one's life- whether it's relationships or self-care- doesn't matter anymore(these probably have a tertiary position in life).

It gives rise to many issues in the long run, but the main deep rooting issues would be poor mental health and toxic productivity. Mental health failure should not be a shocker as the person is not allowed to cut themselves a break, which is considered weak (according to Hustle culture). According to the American Psychological Association's in America 2020 survey, Gen-Z adults aged 18 to 23 reported experiencing the most stress given out by The Concordian.

Toxic productivity is that trait a person develops with the cultivation of obsession with work, i.e., to be on the constant run of being productive. This can apply to all aspects and areas of life. The rush of not giving yourself a break and jumping to the next project immediately in the sense of achieving more. Most of the time, bosses don't notice this- so is taking this extra mile and not letting your brain and body cut some slack worth it? Yes, your career is meaningful but so are other aspects of life. Money won't amount to an unhappy and failing body in the future.

COVID played like a fuel to the fire

When COVID hit- it gave us a reaction of people being laid back on their jobs. But there remained a percentile that still had their jobs. COVID, with the quarantine periods and lockdowns faced, made us realize our capabilities are unlimited. But is that adding up to the stress of different levels or upgrading our knowledge and skillset?

Me time considered a weak man's investment

Hustle culture feels that work is something that should be religiously done. Hence, no loopholes are allowed, but if it can be an excuse to get better productivity out of your employees, is it such a bad investment? A fresh and lively mindset will be much happier and more focused on attending and working productively than one whose mind is in vain.

Now how do we get there:

  • Discover the city.

  • Find a bookstore and get yourself a book.

  • Tea or coffee or any liquid drink that soothes your mind.

  • Discover new cuisines with a friend.

  • Learn to play an instrument.

In the end, hustle culture is the drug that makes one addicted to work. It promotes workaholism as well has 3 easy antidotes' to get out of the lure of this toxic lifestyle:

1. Plan a "Let life Flow" activity:

A "Let life Flow" activity is that me-time hobby one should opt for who is searching for depth and meaning. This consists of practising exercise, social interaction, laughing, crying, joining creative activities to get creative with life and much more. Essential mindfulness is when you are fully present with what is going around in your surroundings and are calm about the environment attaining a sense of peace. The significant benefit of essential mindfulness is that this is something you can use with Chanel at your "Let it flow" activity, which gives your mental clarity. One can carry on their activity smoothly. Now since most who follow Hustle culture are habituated to rules. This activity has just one- Let life Flow so you can discover the other chapters of life(all at your own pace).

2. Work-life balance

We lack essentially one trait- being self-aware to admit flaws. Hustle culture assumes focused work and productivity turns on like a switch. This celebration of Hustle culture should stop, and work-life balance should be celebrated and implemented. Being self-aware to admit flaws would help make areas for growth, evolution, and depth. To gain the equivalence between work and leisure/other aspects of life is the end product obtained by work-life balance. Working smarter is an example of how it would help as spending lesser periods, but more quality work is put in. Work-life balance will also bring the harmony they all seek to bring to their relationships/families.

3. Prioritize yourself

Once you are the main character of your story, you understand how it should be written. This means you decide how it goes. Nobody can stop you from going on that vacation or taking up that hobby you always wanted, or making a thorough career plan you want(not what was etched out by family and friends).

Find your peace at your pace and style by letting go of hustle culture.

Hustle culture is a dangerous format of life, not just for the concern of being implemented onto career paths but in other areas of life too. When a lifestyle gives one burnout- is it all worth it? Working smartly and efficiently seems like the wiser option than the burnout one would face with experiencing a hustle culture. Burning out leads to cynicism, exhaustion worsened job performance, and depression, to quote a few. This could lead to a future workforce that is unproductive, undriven, and whatnot. For that gamble, Hustle culture should end in workplaces and anywhere it runs with never being implemented in a career form or another life aspect.


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