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Balancing Your Means or Balancing Your Way

Have you ever meditate that our life is a combination of 5 things. No, I’m not talking regarding our body components (earth, water, fire, air, and space). I’m talking regarding the things that are in the vicinity of our life. The 5 aspects of our life. Specifically personal, relationship, career, finance, and social. Creating a balance between these five became the goal without our knowledge. We do not provide it with a piece of our mind, but we tend to offer it our peace of mind. Do we actually need to balance these all things ALL THE TIME? Or is it okay to be a bit carefree?

I’m not a skilled associate in nursing. However, I have learned few things which could contribute to readers in their life. Before conclusions, I believed to share with you all one thing. Firstly, I used to be attending to write on the way to balance this stuff. However, I understand that we all are already giving our most significance to balance. As we have five aspects in our life, I will share the 5 ways to overcome the fear of balancing it. Now, I need to share something that can relax my readers in a way. We all have scan tens of articles on this. But, I want to share a few things that I do practice. Honestly, I actually have not achieved all the items entirely. However, some people believe in them and practice them, so someday we will be used to this.

Let’s dive...

  1. 1. Perceive and accept: We all got to perceive and accept that we can’t have a balance in every aspect of life ALL THE TIME. There must be times when we got to work additional on our relationship than to pay further hours on our work. And there should be times when we got to look out for ourselves than do more socialising. At times, between these 5 aspects, we need to ponder and work more on one thing than the remaining four. Try to talk with an elderly person, and he’ll assure you that not everything will be balanced EVERY TIME. And accepting this reality can give instant relief.

  2. Take approval from your own self/Take your own decision: Despite what proportion we tend to become mature, in some or the opposite means, we try to request approval. In personal life, we require consent from others. In a relationship, we try to take the acceptance of our decisions. (Mutual decisions are discussions and not approval). We tend to request authorisation from communities for our ideas and generally for our life. We don’t need to take permission from others. Individuals have a thousand opinions, or thousands of individuals have a 1-1 view. However, you wish to decide on what fits you. You simply got to take your approval for your call. For instance, whether you be part of or left a community, it’s your call.

  3. Be carefree: Not perpetually you wish to require care of every single issue. Care a bit concerning what individuals say and feel. In reality, we are not here to stay for endless time. And thus neither people are going to remain forever nor does their opinion. Hence, be a bit additional carefree. This implies CAREFREE and not CARELESS. You already grasp the distinction and simply follow other carefree and more minor carelessness. Don’t take yourself seriously. You need to make big things in life, and for that, staying carefree is one of the steps you need to overcome.

  4. Take a break: You can take a small break from your goal. Just make sure that you have completed a level. Then you can have an interval and rejuvenate yourself to come back with complete freshness. Taking breaks doesn’t mean necessarily going somewhere. You can just make a gap in the regular stuff. You can also exchange the works. If possible, for instance, household work can be exchanged and break the tedious schedule. Give some space to your relationships as well. This means giving space and not distancing yourself from them in any way. Also, enjoy your introverted side cause we don’t have any option to go outside other for necessary reasons. This time is an excellent break-in itself. I know now we don’t feel like staying at home, but we need to. For ourselves and for others, and to be more specific, to save lives.

  5. Be present in the exact moment: Do not get daunted concerning everything. You cannot manage it in any way. Simply provide your best and forget the rest. Whatever you do, be fully present. If you are having your leisure time, then relax. Don’t get daunted about the work which you have to do after going back. Be here in this actual moment. The more you stay at the present moment, the more you will realise that not every single thing needs your scrutiny at the same time. If you’re working on yourself, focus solely on your goal and don’t think about other aspects of life.

As Deepika Padukone said in the movie Yeh Jawani hai deewani, “Jitna bhi try karo Bunny life me kuch na kuch toh chootega hi. Toh jahan ho wahin ka mazaa lete hai” (No matter how much you try, there is always something that we leave behind in life. So wherever you are, be happy in your situation). We tend to forget to be in the present amid hurly-burly, and hence we need to practice savouring the moment. I know that we really don’t enjoy every moment of our life, but still, we can practice it. Because everything has a value, be it a problem or a solution. We ponder on the resolution only because of the problem. In reality, we don’t need to balance all the aspects of our life. We need to balance ourselves, thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and considerations. We don’t require managing all the elements every single time. However, we can manage ourselves better.

Let us grasp what you’re making an attempt to balance, or you have dropped the idea to balance everything simultaneously.

We will wait for your significant views, thoughts, feedback.

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