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Bandaging your Breakup Scars

We all love to maintain relationships, don’t we? As exciting as it sounds, relationships can be formed with family, friends, colleagues, etc. However, in our list of relationships, we share one special relationship with our boy or girlfriend, which we highlight in our hearts and minds. This special friendship that can develop during teenage or adulthood can be exciting, happy, exploring, strengthening and positive. It is that kind of relationship you would want to hold on to in your life forever.

The sad reality of life is that while experiencing ups, there is a chance of facing downs. Your relationship hitting its low points is natural, but when it leads to a breakup, that’s when the real twist of love plays within you and your partner. Though breakups are quite normal, it can be very tough for many to accept or face them. Everyone’s mind and emotions process differently, so how they feel post-breakup is unique to one experiencing it. Break up is one of the stages in life that is known to shatter one’s emotional well-being. It causes mental breakdowns and even goes to the extent where one feels they have been stabbed deeply in the heart.

Well, suppose it is to explore the root causes of a breakup. In that case, the exploration will go on forever because every relationship is different, and more than 2 million people are in a relationship. But some of the primary reasons why breakups happen can be identified as engaging in bad smoking, drinking, or drugs. Cheating and breaking a vow with your partner and frequently displaying negative behaviours and emotions are also some of the most common causes. Being unsupportive and dishonest, be less attentive and affectionate, giving up on the relationship for minor issues or downfalls, having weak and uninterested communications may also be added as underlying reasons for a breakup.

The degree of symptoms displayed by individuals post-breakup can vary from mild to severe depending on several factors. In some cases, individuals might experience a mild mental breakdown only for a few days or months or experience it severely, even for years. As the post-breakup emotional responses can greatly vary, it is not easy to classify the natural and serious symptoms shown by that individual. However, common ones include feeling depressed, sad and worthless, be in a state of listlessness, develop suicidal thoughts, feel cheated and left out, lose interest in future relationships and pleasure, lose the confidence to trust anyone, sleeping excessively or less, maintain undisciplined diets, overthink about the past events, overly worried if everything will be straight or not, and much more. In severe cases, the minds of individuals are trained to experience distress, loss of self-esteem, feel lonely and empty, etc.

So how do you think the wounds the breakup has left in you can be healed? Sadly, there is no medicine you can apply or hope for magic for the wounds to disappear. But fortunately, some ways have been discovered that will help you feel better and strong over time. First, give yourself the ‘me’ time and space. This can be done by avoiding your ex for some time. For example, not chatting online or talking over the phone for a few days. Second, keep yourself engaged in some work, which means you don’t devote any of your precious time to think or overthink past events. Third, find some activity that grabs your interest, such as joining a dance or music club, playing sports, meditating, watching comedy movies, etc.

Four, engaging in drugs or alcohol is never a healthy solution to cope up with your hurt. Instead, cry out the hidden feelings in you, introspect your inner mind and take bold decisions. Five, reach out to your social networks like friends or family, who will create supportive and soothing vibes for you and help wipe off unwanted thoughts in you. Six, never let your ex weigh your value and worth. Always be who you are and take time to develop a strong personality. Finally, do not be in a hurry for things to get straight right after the breakup. The time post-breakup will give you the chance to rethink if this person is the right match for you or not.

Always remember when you sincerely and truly believe that they are meant for you and that you wish for things to be fine between you and your partner. Everything will fall in the right place at the right time. Just be patient for the good times to come.

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