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Building Terrariums

Terrariums are little enclosed spaces to preserve and adapt land animals, such as reptiles. In several films, there are scenes of little children who are curious and excited about the whole process or concept of building a terrarium or rather preserving a life form in a bottle, but that certainly isn’t very common in real life. While terrariums can possess both advantages and disadvantages concerning context, it also implies that human beings are yet again the apex predators. We have been the apex predators, solely since a vast number of human beings keep other animals as pets, be it dogs, cats, zebras, fishes, and more. Building terrariums is not only building a system of escapism in people, but at times, it refers to the smothering nature of them too.

By escapism, I refer to the several people who hold terrestrial animals captive with an excuse of being curious or fascinated, whether they are little children or academicians. Building terrariums is more like a concept of destruction and sabotage because when creating a pseudo habitat for the animal is not something that is involved in the good books of humanity. It is not just a manner of smothering the life form, but it’s misdirection, misleading it to believing in something that is only temporary. Even so, the forests and other landscapes today contribute to being terrariums as humans have continued to ‘build’ everywhere, only to satisfy their so-called basic needs of the shelter. Terrariums, maybe it is something that the entire solar system is enclosed in, perhaps, God’s hands or under a divine source? Building terrariums is probably nothing more than just a big trap in our minds that enables us to build a physical trap for the other too.

Is it, however, only a concept of destruction and sabotage, or much more? What about us? Are we in a huge terrarium that is being destroyed by fellow humans? Creating beautiful homes by puncturing a hole in our pockets and still being able to convince us to live in green, fresh air is probably the aptest example for a real-life terrarium built by man. As humans get lazy by the hour, technological advancement encourages users to remain consoled by exclaiming the normality of being lazy and intellectually inappropriate, only because technology is always at your service and rescue.

Trapping our right minds with the large junk on the Internet and having curiosity raise to its limits by both children and adults, where is the limit or the boundary, might I ask? When people refuse to socialize but have no shame in asking for physical intimacy abruptly on some random phone application. What is the terrarium that we are living and who built them? Did we, or did our parents, or did the society or the environment? Are we all living in a terrarium that is controlled by either of us or our significant others? Aren’t we all trapped and waiting to set loose and free perhaps? Yet again, the ultimate question is, how are you breaking loose of your terrarium?

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