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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

‘Change is the only constant’, we have come across this saying multiple times until now. Are we aware of what it means? Which aspect of life does this saying talk about? How deep have we dwelled into this saying?. When we think about what this saying means, most of us will relate it to our different phases of life. But is there more to it?. Let me narrate one of my experiences. You and I think more about this phrase, what else it can mean beyond what is generally understood.

I witnessed one event that provided me with a new perspective concerning this saying. It happened a few years ago when I was trying to get admission into a college. On the day which was appointed for conducting various procedures to rule out the eligible candidates to join the system, I overheard one interview in the process. The candidate was a keen reader and liked to read more on spirituality. To this, the interviewer had asked the candidate, “Who is the person that you look for inspiration in spiritual writings?”. She responded that she never looked forward to the name of the person who has written what she was reading. She believed that there will be a change in the person who has written something, so in the upcoming writings of that person, there could be a change in the common elements that run across each person’s writings. She said that if she chooses to follow a particular person’s writing each time it comes, it is rather about looking forward to fulfilling one’s expectations. If something has changed that does not come in line with her expectations, it could disappoint her. So she just looked at the genre of writing and choose articles to read according to the heading.

It is indeed an interesting perspective, I thought! But also, a thought crossed my mind. When we choose to follow a writer’s work and openly embrace the idea of change throughout their writings, that would definitely make pieces for oneself to learn something from and still have an excitement within with a distinct joy.

The key element that I found here is ‘CHANGE’. It made me think about how we see everyone in the world, especially our close relationships. There is a conflict in our minds! We are expecting someone not to change but forget that change is constant. We see our life-changing externally, but let us also hint to the truth that we have changed throughout life and still are. Then why not the person close to me, a person sitting next to me, or anyone out there in the entire globe not changes?

It is said that the process of understanding nature is in line with understanding the truth of life. Let us extract some beautiful example for this, a very simple one.

A nursery, which nursery am I talking about?

I am talking about those nurseries where a new life is nourished, sampling or a plant. Certain elements are controlled to see the desired output. So when I walk inside a nursery, many changes happen within each sapling and plant, externally, and the beauty it showcases. It is similar to how each one of us goes through, internally and also externally.

There are many choices for us when buying a sampling or plant, based on our liking or need. Like there are choices for us, many writings, and which one do I want to read?. But not everyone who buys something experiences it knows what the name of the sampling/plant is. The sapling is still growing, change is constant. So we see ‘CHANGE’ here! With a question for us to ponder on, are we actually aware of what our name means?

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