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Changing Oneself: Nah, for me. Yeah, for others?

When was the last time you retrospect your OWN SELF? Have you ever wonder how other people FEEL around you? Let us take a stroll on our own self. We, humans, are designed to bring change. But have we ponder why we are always keen on changing others: we want to change the situation, things and even peoples. Why we never try to change ourselves. Maybe because it takes a lot of effort, but changing others doesn’t require any? Think about it.


Yeah! It requires more efforts, patience, and even sometimes losing something valuable in trying to change it. What will happen if a layman tries to change the design of a designer gold piece or a nice watch with their own hands without the particular tool. It will lose its beauty and speciality, right?

The same thing is with humans too, we can’t change any person without the right tool (your words) and understand the reason behind it.

And why we need to change them? It is more straightforward just to accept them. Changing others will take more time, but changing yourself will only take acceptance and then a decision. Admitting that humans have varied personality. We, too, have diverse characters, isn’t it? Now the question is how to accept, right? It doesn’t take much effort, at least not as much as changing other people.

Are you ready for the change? If yes, then go ahead. If no, then we wish you a stroke of excellent luck in your future.

This means you are READY. Here you took your very own decision.

See, just by being ready to change, you have already 50% there

Let’s have a look at the remaining 50%

  1. Now, at this place, you need to change your PERSPECTIVE. Try to think from others point of view, try to be in their shoes. You might come up with something you have never considered.

  2. Here you need to have a look at the SITUATION. It can be possible that you and the other person is not wrong. Maybe it’s just not the RIGHT SITUATION.

We, HUMANS, think that only one can be right and the other one needs to be wrong from two peoples.

No, it’s not like that. Sometimes, the situation is not correct, and we tend to think of others as wrong.

Before coming to any conclusion, contemplate the situation. And your reaction towards it. Understand how you react in a particular case. Understand yourself first.

Have you felt that changing for yourself should be “yeah” for yourself and “Nah” for others?

Because this is how it works. Once you start changing yourself, you will see how other things, situations and peoples are changing.

Now, you must be having a question.

What if the other person mistreats you?

Then, understand the difference between adjustment and tolerance. You need to adjust a little. It’s not about male or female. It’s more about the relationship. Your level of tolerance won’t take your connection to the next level. Everyone has to adjust a little. And that’s an every single relationship works. Be it children-parents, siblings, boss-employee, between colleagues or even friends. But, knowing your value gives you a base to distinguish between the two. Your happiness depends more on relationships than any other thing. Make sure it gives you everything, including adjustment. And adjusting for your loved ones are actually worth it.

Till now, you have understood the importance and difference of CHANGING.

Let’s talk about something more interesting

  • Sometimes just changing your furniture’s position

  • Change your diet and try something new

  • Change your style/look. It may sound materialistic, but we tend to find happiness in new things as human being. It brings excitement. Understand the difference between getting excited and attached. Only feel the enthusiasm, control your attachment.

  • Keep on changing and adding new things to your life. (Cooking new recipe, exchanging household work, Taking challenges like 21-day yoga etc.)

Let us know how you want to change yourself, for yourself, for the better!

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