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Consistency: The Powerful Tool

Have you ever wonder how ignorant and unpopular is consistency and its power? One thing I must tell you that 95% of your problem can be solved just by being consistent. How? Let's jump into this topic and discover this.

What are some of the life aspects that you would like to succeed in? Namely, relationship, career, finance, personal and social growth.

Let's start to discover...

  • Personal growth: Be it building a new habit or wanting a fit body. You need to stay consistent. How? If you exercise or do yoga, you can't see the effect in just 1 day or 1 week. You need to be consistent till the time you achieve your goal. If you start meditation, you won't declutter your mind in just one day. You need to do it consistently to declutter it at your best. If a plant can't grow in just one day, then how can you? Even that also required daily nourishment to grow.

  • Relationship: If you want to establish a good relationship with anyone in your family, it can be your parents, siblings, partner, or children. You need to communicate with them consistently. You can't just talk today and then reach them occasionally. No, it does not work like that. You need to stay consistent in communicating with them and understanding them.

  • Career: Succeeding in a job or career requires your constant effort of growing, and it comes from learning. As staying updated is the only way to grow in this digital era, you need to be consistent with updating your skills and knowledge.

  • Finance: It is as simple as saving and investing. Once you understand the importance of finance, you will start respecting it. You need to consistently earn and then save or invest it. You can achieve your financial freedom by having proper planning of attaining it.

  • Socializing: Though it's easy in this digital era to connect with people where just clicking a follow button gives you all the information about a person. We still need to communicate with them consistently and personally. You can't just talk today and then after a decade and think that you are socializing.

If you have any problem, just think about it and realize that not being consistent is the only problem you face. You must be thinking that if certain things don't work out, then What? Understand the difference between a break and a stop. If you cannot figure what is happening, then take a break and come back with total energy. But don't stop. Stop when you have come to a conclusion. Sometimes things don't work out. And if you feel that you have given enough of your energy and time, you can walk away from that. It can be a job, relationship, idea, etc.

Now, the thing is, how to stay consistent?

Let's have some handy stuff to rely upon.

  1. Take a note of what you want: After you have listed everything, prioritize it. Focus minimum on one thing or maximum on two things. Now write what you need to do to reach where you want. For instance, if you're going to establish a good relationship with your parents or with anyone and that is your priority, then write that you need to be consistent with communicating with them. It can be for 15 minutes, but you need to talk with them daily. Tell them about how your day went and ask about their day.

  2. Track your consistency: Whatever you are comfortable with, just pick that. It can be mobile or your book and pen. But be comfortable. Take a challenge of 21 days or more than whatever you feel takes you closure to your goal. Track it on a book by making columns and rows and writing in heading about the work, and ticking it below every day. Or you can try the different Habits app, which can give you a reminder for the same.

  3. Introspect your approach: If you feel that certain things are not working out as you planned them to be, contemplate. And if required, change it. You won't get to your destination by taking the wrong route. Analyze your path wherever you need.

  4. Give your Goal a name or challenge: Doing yoga and being consistent can make you feel boring. Give it a name like the 21-day yoga challenge (Which many YouTubers and social influencers give). Or you can say it as #missionrelationship (It may sound kiddish and Bollywood style, but it actually gives you new energy and enthusiasm to do it). You can hang a designed checklist on the wall that will remind you consistently. Or you can discover your personal way to stick to your goal.

  5. Set a realistic goal: What will happen if you think to work out for 1 hour when you have never done it even for 15 min. You will fall badly. So, be realistic. You know how capable and consistent you are. Start with small. For instance, if you want to build a habit of exercising for 1 hour, start with 15 min. Your mind will automatically shed its procrastination and tell you that it's only for 15 mins. Let's work out. And every time you tick that tracker record, you will feel motivated to stay consistent the very next day.

Bonus point is here:

If you have tried being consistent, this one thought will surely come to your mind that we are humans and what if we missed out for once? Exactly, we are HUMANS and remember that. If you missed out on your goal for 1-2 days for XYZ reason, just don't drop it by thinking that your consistency is already broke. No, it's not. If you have not done it for some reason, you can just accept that and try to be more focused on your goal by coming back to the game.

Consistency is the key to success

Truly it is.

I hope you get a clear idea about the benefits of being consistent and how to be one.

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