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Creativity: A Shield for Mental Wellbeing

We have heard exceptionally famous and creatively talented people experiencing mental health problems throughout history. For thousands of years, the complex chemistry between mental illness and creativity has been debated. A well-known psychiatrist and Neuroscientist Nancy Anderson, who wrote the book ‘The creating brain’, one of the chapters in the book deals with the correlation between creativity and mental illness.

Anderson considers the unique psycho-emotional constitution of the highly creative person, both its blessing and its curse. She also notes creative people can be more easily overwhelmed by stimuli and become distracted. And yet the creative mind remains above all spectacular blessing. Whatever may have been the research outcome, people will keep having their perspectives and opinions until they experience the truth by themselves.

My experience with creativity has been phenomenal. When I left my job, depression crept into my empty mind post-marriage. As an escape, I started exploring new things. And in this process, I discovered my hidden talents and passion in the middle of mental turmoil. Since then, creativity has always acted as my shield and shifted my focus from the inner hell to a life filled with new possibilities, waking up the co-creator inside me.

When you create any piece of art out of your own creativity without judging yourself, it is an indescribable feeling of achievement. It fosters your confidence which is shattered by the depression. It is parallelly imperative to find some free time on your side to discover your creativity. Successful people across the globe always set aside some time for their creative thinking. We, humans, are a product of gods creativity. Each human on earth is unique with their diverse capabilities influenced by their unique genetics, upbringing, and surroundings. Creativity is ingrained in all human races. We just need to strategically and consciously connect all dots of creativity scattered around us.

In general, creativity doesn’t just mean artistic abilities. It can be applied in various professions, which demands diversity for complex problems. Creativity can be exercised in any profession, for example, architecture designing a complex cake design or an engineer designing a food making machine. It will only enhance your uniqueness and authenticity.

Suppose you think you are one of them who is blessed with this shield today. I urge you to self-explore your creative side. In that case, that which puts you into meditative trance could be anything, something you do often as a random act of hobby yet underestimates it to pass your time. The psychologist, Mihaly, the co-founder of Positive Psychology, calls this “flow state”. I have discovered my state of flow and still exploring to expand my creativity muscle. What is your flow state? Let’s share our opinions and views, as through someone’s ideas you will find yours too.

And then, make it your best friend and a shield to enhance your mental and emotional wellbeing and see yourself healing within.

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