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Crying: The Relieving Response to an Emotion

Crying makes us feel better than happiness (at times). Why? Clearly, because it soothes us. We do feel relieved while crying. Usually, the reason behind crying is sadness and pain. But, it doesn't mean that it is something to escape from. There is more to crying. Crying is an action that is triggered by an emotion of sadness, worry, pain, and sometimes happiness. For some idle reasons, it is considered a weak emotion. Crying is nothing more but the response to an emotion. Like other emotions, we do have. There are some misconceptions about it. We will know the reasons that make us cry and some benefits of it.

Reasons for our crying:

  1. Pain: The common reason people cry is because of pain. It can be physically or emotionally, or mentally. Mental and emotional pain lasts longer than physical pain. The tears and worries and emotions attached to it. We don't invite pain, but we can help ourselves to release them. I'm sure in this life, we all have been through all the 3 types of pain. a. Physical pain: In our childhood, we had experienced this. We fall, got hurt, and cried, respectively. We still sometimes feel the need to cry after feeling physical pain. Though some people don't cry just cause they feel it is more good to endure the pain than to accept that you're hurt. Some people are strong enough or at least can act as strong enough to not CRY. Children cry after a physical hurt cause they are natural, and they don't pretend to show ok when they are not. And we adults, for some trifling reasons, don't cry or show our true feelings. b. Emotional pain: I will not categories this by commenting a gender-biased comment. We all feel this pain. For instance, when you have a small fight with your loved ones, you don't feel bad about the fight. You feel bad about the words they told you at that moment. You keep on thinking about that and keep hurting your feelings. You can feel this pain with any closed one. They can be your parents, siblings, partners, and even friends, for that matter. But, their words or their actions hurt you emotionally. c. Mental pain: Here I can give you an example, have you been through a phase where everything is fine, nothing is wrong, and you still cry, just cry, without any particular reason. This is because sometimes, we are mentally drained. We don't have something to cry over, but we feel the need to cry. I believe that it is because crying is an emotion, and it does exist. And any emotion that exists cannot be completely ceased. It can only be lowered.

  2. Happiness: This is our mom's typical reason to have tears. They not only cry because of pain, but they also cry because of happiness. And at times, we as well. Sometimes, we are so much overwhelmed with happiness that we end up with tears. For instance, imagine that you have achieved what you were aiming from a long time. How will you feel in this exact moment of triumph? Must be teary with happiness? This is how extreme happiness leaves us with tears.

  3. Mix feelings: Here, we do cry, but for a mixed reason. For instance, what you will feel while taking a stroll in memory lane. Joy cause of relishing the sweet memory and tears cause you know that the same moment will never happen again. This is how mixed feelings bring tears. At times, happiness and sadness become two sides of the same coin.

  4. Anger: A few people must have responded to the anger this way. Remember when you get angry and when you are not able to let out your anger. This is when your anger gets released in the form of tears. You burst out your tears instead of anger. And the obvious reason is the boost in the anger. When anger can't be released, tears get released. And this helps you in coping with the situation.

  5. Grief: It is something that makes you feel cry and guilty for the mistake you haven't made. It is ok to feel that way. But, overcoming should always be the next thing. You can be in the grief, but don't be there for a longer time. It is not a place to stay for a longer time. You have more responsibilities to take care of. And you have the responsibility to take care of yourself as well.

How does crying help us? Let's check out

  1. Makes you feel relieved: Once you cry, in no time, you will start feeling relieved. This is because tears not alone come out of your eyes it comes with its cause, pain, sadness and so on. Once you start crying, you will feel relieved. The things that you were holding on gets released with the tears. And once you cried over something, you won't feel crying on it again. Yes, in some cases, one-time crying doesn't help, and I will tell you to cry as often as you feel. And, once you have cried on it enough, you will not be able to cry for the same reason.

  2. It calms and relaxes you: Once you feel relieved. You will feel calm and relaxed. As soon as you cry simultaneously, you will start feeling relaxed. This means that when you feel overwhelmed with things, situations, feelings, and emotions, you need to cry. Cry. Once you cried about your problems, situations, past, they have no control over you. Crying calms you down and makes you feel relaxed. It helps in bringing your emotions down. And this is the reason when you sleep while crying it makes you relaxed and comfortable.

  3. Crying makes you strong: Crying makes you strong. How? Once you cried and felt start thinking to get over it. Cause you know crying can only release emotions, and to overcome that emotion, you need to take action. And this is how you start coping-up with things. If you can solve it, you start thinking about the solution, or if you can't solve it, you start to accept it. In both, ways you are becoming stronger. So, crying makes you stronger.

The next time you feel like crying, cry.

Let me know which tough things made you cry and then stronger.

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Chaithanniya M
Chaithanniya M
Jun 19, 2021

Nice saloni.


tisha tanwar
tisha tanwar
Jun 19, 2021

So good😍

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