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Dear Society,

Every day hearing someone losing their close ones made me insecure. The unconscious thought of losing my closed ones was just in front of me. It just triggered me, and I just prayed, ‘Not so soon, please’.

Reading the posts of people losing their family, I could not stop myself reading that. But I have cried after every word, I swear. It’s been so hard for every one of us. I wanted to weep with them and tell them how brave they are to handle the situation. I want to empathise with them. Just thinking about the difficulties they might face now. It’s not easy. It’s okay if you’re going to take your time.

It’s okay if you are not okay.

I was acting like everything was fine, but it wasn’t. I wish someone would come up to me and say, it will be fine soon. But it won’t be, I know. I hope I could visit people and meet them. That would have helped. I wanted to spend time, talk and laugh so loud and tell each of them that I love them very much. They mean to me. I tried to tell them how much I care about them and how much their presence matters. But it’s weird, I wanted to do it, but then something stopped me. It felt like being tied up with the chain. It feels worst at night time. I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about people who lost their loved ones and sorry I wasn’t helping and wondering how difficult it is to handle everything. My dear fellow mates, it’s time to come forward and consider the pain our people are going through.

My head was just thinking of all the Worst Case Scenario’s which I was not ready to accept, which haunted me. All of it just came running towards me like iron to a magnet. It felt terrible to be in this position. I felt helpless and stuck. I wish it was just a bad dream which would be finished as soon I will get up. But, it’s not, so we need to try to accept this condition, and we try to start sharing and live our life as if there is no tomorrow. People, it’s time to unite and come together to help and understand each other. This pandemic gave us a clear lesson that neither money nor power can save us. But humanity and togetherness can.

Fighting our Own Battles.

Everyone is fighting their own battles. Let’s be empathetic and understanding with one and all. They may not tell you about the issues they might be facing, but this is your duty to be helpful and be there for them. Even being a good listener can be very helpful. In this fast and forward lifestyle, where people don’t have time to talk to each other, family and even strangers can help by being a good listener. Listening to what the other one has to say works, in some cases. And in this situation, where everyone is busy taking care of themselves and their family members. It is good to be there for each other by talking about how they feel and share to support each other. Friends, let’s come forward to be caring and keep a check on your friend’s and family’s health.

More Power to Everyone.

I hope everyone in your family is safe and sound, and if not, I wish them a speedy recovery. It is so heartbreaking to see how we are stuck in a situation where we can’t even see or hug people who are sick. We can’t get close to them. In some cases, they couldn’t even meet them for one last time. I hope it gets better for you. You are blessed and get the power to fight the battle you are fighting (alone). And, I wish people who have no one to share their problem with getting the strength to tackle their problems and grow and learn from these problems. I hope everyone gets the power to cope with all of the losses they have had in this pandemic. Friends, it’s time to be there for each other and not involve in the vague media kinds of stuff.

More power to everyone. We are fighting our own battles. Please be nice to each other. Forward positivity and affirmations and not the rate at which Covid-19 is rising. Manifest the good you want to see and not the politics, as everyone is already struggling. It’s none of your faults; you are doing your best. Keep it up. I am proud of you. Keep trying.

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