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FOODmood or MOODfood?

There is nothing like food, about which most of us think and talk about each day, be it internal dialogue or external dialogue.

Initiating a conversation on ‘FOOD, there can be multiple approaches and conclusions to it, or simply lending an ear, just like when discussing colours.

But what about colours here? We are definitely not living in a physical black and white environment until we choose to look it that way. We open our eyes, and we see innumerable varieties of colours around us. Even when our eyes are closed, we see some colour. We are coloured and choose to adorn ourselves with colours. A thought, is it possible that these varieties of colours, each one, could have a distinct effect subjectively? Well, yes. Studies have been proving that, and there is a subject dedicated to that area naming colour psychology.

In many areas today, the concepts of colour psychology are used to bring about a certain mood that the respective person wants. We do it a lot of times, consciously or unconsciously, don’t we? When we are tired, many of us would prefer to go to an open area with green spaces or just look at the blue skies, and our mood changes in seconds. If not in a very obvious way, each one of us is affected within when coming in sight of colours, subtly.

Similarly, varieties of foods come in varieties of colours that have their own benefits, and one of them is definitely to make us want to have it, Yes!. Think, why are colour flavours added? Appeal it is, is it not? Let us consider this, is it not possible that just like colours subtly affect us, if I may put, the food we consume can also have a subtle effect on us?

As I read somewhere, “eat to fuel your body, not your emotions”.

That is when the question in my mind arises, are we eating food that our body needs? Our mind needs? Or are we eating to feed our moods? In a time when each one of us can get very much overwhelmed by our emotions, how we feel, we can binge eat anything and eat anything much more than what our body requires. The majority of us can relate to this, I believe. Moods ask for a different variety of food altogether, which can harm our body and mind in the long run. For a certain population, the threshold has already reached. At times, it has become difficult to understand the cause and, to break the pattern.

What if an uncomfortable mood arises, and we choose to listen to what our body wants, which could later bring about a positive effect on our mind too?. As said, a healthy body will lead to a healthy mind, but so is that a healthy mind will lead to a healthy body. But here, we are just taking the small aspect. This is yet a big one because of its effects, which are the energy of the food we consume and that energy spreading throughout body and mind.

The choice is every moment. That is the power that lies ahead. What if, from today, this moment we start questioning? We start observing? We make a choice that is good for our body, which will play a part in the health of our mind. The experience is subjective. No one rule is the same for everyone, just like colours can have different meanings to each one of us.

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