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How Can Mandala Art Help You?

An individual can quickly get relief from stress and increase attention span just from the actual act of colouring circles. The word ‘Mandala’ comes from the language of Sanskrit, which means process. Mandala is drawing and colouring circles often in symmetrical patterns using different types of bold colours. In many religions and cultures, rings are considered as a powerful symbol. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychoanalyst, said that ‘A mandala is the psychological expression of the totality of the self.’ Many cultures believe that mandalas connect to our life energy. When we colour and draw chakras (circles), it helps an individual experience relaxation and peacefulness.

Mandala, as an art therapy has various benefits.

  • Increase in the span of attention- Mandala helps an individual increase their attention span as the activity of drawing and colouring mandala is a kind of meditation. Creating a mandala requires a lot of attentiveness. Colouring requires calmness as an individual needs to colour in a circular pattern. Hence, a mandala helps in increasing attention.

  • Increases calmness- When an individual draws and paints mandalas, it calms down the mind. Colouring, especially in circular patterns, reduces evil thoughts, bringing tranquillity and peace and brings a feeling of balance. Therefore, mandala acts as a relaxation tool.

  • Increases Self- Knowledge- Mandala helps individuals interweave themselves with strong energies and connect themselves with their most intimate parts through the help of transferring energy in the flow of different colours and shapes.

  • Therapy for various mental and physical illnesses- Since creating a mandala requires repetitive movements and grip, individuals suffering from epilepsy are advised to colour mandala as it helps in relaxation and jerky hand control can be effortlessly controlled. Individuals who suffer from low blood pressure are also recommended to do mandala as colouring in circles helps control blood pressure. Even cancer patients at The University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center are provided with mandala sessions to fight depression and reduce pain.

  • Expressing emotions- Children, especially those suffering from any illness or trauma, cannot express their feelings and emotions verbally. Children love to colour and draw art through which they express themselves. Mandala not only improves hand-eye coordination but also improves reasoning skills. It even helps increase their self-esteem as when a child creates their drawing, it helps develop their imagination, psychological and cognitive abilities.

  • Healing- At times, healing oneself tends to follow negative thinking patterns and become harsh to themselves. These individuals often carry unpleasant issues in their childhood or early lives. When an individual practices inner child therapy through mandala, it helps them to overcome the trauma. It also helps change negative thoughts into positive and get an opportunity to reconnect with their inner child.

  • Boost Immunity system- The symmetrical patterns in the mandala characterizes the universe metaphysically. Mandala helps an individual heal that reduces stress and helps in the production of melatonin in our body. Melatonin is known as the sleep hormone, which helps in promoting healthy sleep (reducing insomnia).

  • Help to quit smoking - Mandala helps an individual’s hands occupied in repetitive movements. Even when individuals feel about smoking a cigarette, they can colour a small circle for a few minutes. Hence, it reduces the urge as well as decreases stress.

  • Expressing Creativity- Mandala helps in expressing your free thoughts and expressions. An individual can draw mandala in any form or way they like. Each colour and shape used in the mandala has a particular meaning. A few of those are –

  1. Black- It symbolizes loss, mystery, dignity, security, and a stop for observing.

  2. Orange- It is the second Chakra that represents enthusiasm, energy, glory, and progress.

  3. Green- It is the fourth Chakra that symbolizes calmness, hope, centrality, and ease.

  4. White- It is the seventh Chakra that represents harmony, shyness, fragility, and peace.

  5. Square- It symbolizes stability and a feeling of security.

To now more and have a practical session with us, join us for a Mandala Workshop on 13th February 2021 at 4 pm, facilitated by Ms Manisha Raghunath. You can learn many more benefits from mandala for yourself, your family, and your loved ones.

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