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I am Proud of Myself!

A lot of people say this all the time, and most of them without even meaning it. What are you thinking? Are you counting the number of times you have lied to yourselves or the number of times you have disrespected yourself without realising it? Now, ask yourself a fundamental question, what is that one thing you the most about yourself? Do you appreciate yourself for that? Start embracing yourself for the person you are. For the thoughts you have. For the person you want to be. The person you will be in future. Take your stand. Believe in yourself as you do in others. Appreciate yourself to be that version of yourself you would love to see in future. Love yourself. Accept your body, colour, shape, size and everything you own in this world. Feel proud of them and love them.

“I am proud of myself” is often mistaken as arrogance and boasting of oneself. Whereas being proud of oneself means having a great sense of self-worth, having a great passion for life, feeling content and grateful, and are excellent at motivating others. One should be self-satisfied and value themselves for what one is. But that does not mean you devalue others or misbehave and be disrespectful to them. That does not mean you are valued less or others are appreciated more. Instead, it means to be respectful to others as well as to be respectful to yourself. Never lose your respect for the sake of others.

Ask yourself, what makes it so unique? What is that which makes you, you? The spark, vibe, uniqueness you have makes you, you. Celebrate your uniqueness and believe in yourself. Nobody can be you so, try to be your best. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Accept your flaws because no one is perfect. These bring one closer to self. Introspection is the essential tool to know our own self best. I read this line somewhere it said, ‘The more you like yourself, the less you will need others to’, and it stayed with me from then.

What Makes You Feel Most Empowered Or Celebrated? Reread the question. If you took time to get the answer, then the connection between you and yourself is weak. It is okay. It takes time to understand your inner self and its wants. But believe me, once you’re there, there’s no coming back. You will know your worth. You will respect yourself, care what you like and not what others want.

What is your favourite thing about yourself? Thinking it’s an easy question but now not sure what to write? There is a communication gap between you and your inner self. Take your time. There is no hurry. Your favourite thing about yourself should not be biased. It should be yours’. What you think about your self is the best thing about you and not appreciate you to be? Be proud of that. Love yourself. Congratulations, you are closer to yourself.

What are those qualities to which you look upon in yourself? Why do you feel so? How you got those qualities? Think about yourself in ten years and the qualities you would like in yourself at that time. Recall the beautiful journey you had in these ten years. The time you were falling, the rising moments’ and the phases when you were stuck. When you did not give up and kept trying. Be grateful for the challenging and good times that made you who you are today. The events you had in your past will have a severe impact on the future. It makes each different to the other.

What are you most afraid of? You might be wondering why this question is here, but this is as essential as others are. If you accept your fears, you will be prepared for the worst cases in the future. It will help you in “accepting” yourself the way you are, and you are proud of yourself. What if you fail? Do you have any future plantings? Have you planned your worst-case scenarios? Preparing yourself for these conditions will make you more confident and enhance your self-belief. Better planning for the future will make you ready for consequences which you never saw coming your way. This way, you will not face any difficulty in not only accepting but also loving yourself.

Knowing what you love in your life, what you need in life to be happy and what are those things, without which your life would be sad, makes you know yourself better than others understand you. Knowing ourselves is a way closer to accepting ourselves. When we take ourselves in acceptance, we start loving ourselves. Our love towards self leads to feeling proud of our personality, feel confident about our shape, colour, size and whatever we are as a person.

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Jul 12, 2021

Beautifully written 😍. Totally agree with you, and I'm really amazed to see how good your writing skills are💪🏻💕

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