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Little Hands

Old men can make war, but it is children who will make history. - Ray Merritt

During the early morning hours of the past few days, while I am sleeping, I have been able to hear the screams of the child who lives next door. This puts both my patience and my comprehension to the test. This experience can be very trying on the nerves of people like me who are not particularly fond of children and are not particularly likeable in the eyes of children. However, that day did not come today. I awoke early in the morning to the sound of the infant screaming, and shortly after that, I had a flashback of when I was younger. It brought to my attention the fact that the youngster is also a being like me, going through something that I might have gone through in the past, but the expression is not recognisable, I guess!? The way we say something could shift as we get older. The different expressions that are now foreign to everyone and can at times be rather intimidating can also be incredibly interesting.

Given this, what are your thoughts on young people? At least for the next couple of minutes, it's possible that many of us will be at a loss for words. Only the events that we shared with them would be present in our thoughts. This fleeting phase's viewpoint can be compared to that of a child at that moment. Nothing can be understood; all that can be done is look. In most situations, youngsters have little trouble understanding how to simply take in stories without internalising the lessons they teach. Anything that cannot be understood has enormous potential, and this is especially true for youngsters.

Anything that gets written down in history must have done something noteworthy in order to be remembered for a long period of time. Being particular comes down to this one thing. Children are a force for good and movement in the world; they give us a new perspective on ourselves and everything else around us.

The following are just a few of the many ways that being in their company enables one to improve personally:

  • Balance: We are able to make comparisons between the atmospheres of two different locations, one of which has a child and the other of which does not. Children don't grasp the concept of perfection in anything, even particular temperaments that we try to instil in them, until they have the opportunity to learn about it. Also included in this category are temperaments that do not demand absolute perfection. Therefore, if you see anything that is out of place, you can be certain that a youngster is in the area. The way they behave reveals much about their personality. It reminds me of a hot wheels car that has been abandoned in the middle of the perfectly manicured lawn.

  • Curiosity: Curiosity is innate in children. The elderly are as well, but the fact that they are may have slipped their minds. The things that pique one person's interest may not pique another's interest at all. Having a child in the house is undeniably beneficial in terms of regaining one's lost charm. Given the number of responses you provide to a question that they pose, it is a play geared at children. Even if they remain silent for a time, I can guarantee that new questions will be raised about it. They will never obtain answers to all of their questions. They are aware of it. However, the game's object is to discover a variety of responses.

  • Personal Development: As we just witnessed, the questions that they ask and their natural curiosity keep our thoughts active and stimulated. It's possible that we've lost our sense of wonder. The participation of children is essential to the revitalization of that. When interacting with children, a person is forced to reveal many other sides of themselves in order to forge a strong connection with them. We need to put ourselves in their shoes in order to comprehend what they are going through and connect with them.

  • Connection: Children teach us what it is to have a genuine connection in a world where most relationships are founded on superficial, outward manifestations of affection. They don't select their group based on appearance, status, or anything else like that; rather, they get along with one another in order to share the joy and walk around with joy. They exhibit empathy for other living creatures and connect with others in a level that is superior to what the old are able to do.

  • Forgiveness The ability to forgive wrongdoing is evidence that a person is innocent. And I'm sure that you've already heard a lot about how youngsters still have a lot of their innocence. They are not capable of harbouring ill will or holding grudges against anyone for an extended period of time. They become upset over it, but then they either let it go or realise that it really doesn't important, and besides, there are my hot wheels laying on the grass, which want my immediate attention!

The existence of children is something to be curious about. When it rains, the scent of the earth becomes more pronounced, and the same earth that is used to make beautiful containers is also utilised to mould and craft those vessels. When a child is born, it is like it is pouring, and the child themselves are the soil. They are already the present, and they will be the future as well.

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