My Father. My Hero.

As much as it a cliche, my father was, is and will be the hero of my life. I am one among the unfortunate children who lost their father and are destined to live in the fond memories of a happy childhood with their father. Nevertheless, my father’s physical absence has not deterred me from following the gems of advice received from my father. Whenever I run into a problem, I pause and think “ What would my father say if I tell him about the challenge ?”. I think I almost always get the right answer to deal with my challenge. What makes my father very special is that he always involved me and my brother in decision making whenever that decision is going to affect us. He will patiently listen to us out, put forward his perspectives and leave us to choose the right decision. There was never any force or compulsion, we are free to choose our path, provided we are convinced about greater good as an outcome. We were always encouraged to voice our opinion if we have one. I think this kind of upbringing left an indelible impression in my mind which helped to be always genuine, righteous and just. I have tried to instil these values in my biological children and many nonbiological children who came to me as students. That is my homage to my father.

~By Dr. Uma Warrier

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