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Myth V/S Truth: Your Working Life

1. Changing of Zeal with age:

Myth: It is said that zeal depends on the age of the person. Some companies hire only young people as they have more zeal, creativity, and passion. They think that the correlation is negative between age and passion. If the employee is old, then they are not passionate and/or creative. They are not much reliable. But is it true? Do people lose their zeal with age? Is it true with EVERYONE? Or the base of zeal is something else.

Truth: And the truth is, the zeal and passion for work don't depend on age. It is how people have maintained their thoughts, ideas, and themselves. This means age has no contribution to the growth of zeal. I have seen people with 60+ years who are passionate about doing creative work and learning new things. And I have seen young people who have just started their career and already feeling bored and tired, Always. The zeal for work depends on the person, their interest, and their thoughts. And not on their age.

2. You will get what you deserve:

Myth: When you start working, you BELIEVE that the employer will give you what you deserve. And you expect the employers to notice what you have done, be it hard work or smart work.

But, when you don't get what you deserve, you feel that it must be your fault and maybe you don't deserve it. You know your worth and still, try to escape from reality.

Time changes, but you don't. When you join a new company, this time you HOPE to get what you deserve. But, no chance. We are living in a myth that we will get what we deserve WITHOUT ASKING.

Truth: Coming to the truth, we need to ask for everything that we deserve. Even if you want your annual leave, you need to give a good reason to your employer. And still, they will ask you to be on the work, soon. You can't expect to get what you deserve WITHOUT ASKING. The truth is you need to come forward and ask for your recognition, your increment, bonuses, etc. (obviously in a subtle manner).

And if I see from the employer's point of view, I can tell you that they do this for 2 reasons. Either they want you to ask for what you deserve to show your value and have confidence in yourself. Or they think if you are not asking, why should he bother to give you what you deserve. And this both nature depends on the person, it has nothing to do with the gender, company, etc.

3. You will love your work, always:

MYTH: It is said that if you are passionate about your work, you will love it, ALWAYS. It seems like a passionate word is trending. It is said that when loving your work makes you feel like you are not working. How much truth does this sentence hold? And for how many people? I know you love your work but tell me honestly that do you love it ALL THE TIME?

Truth: And here is the truth and reason behind it. I can tell you one thing that your work can be a tremendously creative one. But still, you are going to feel irritated and bored with it. You will feel stuck and helpless. You will think what's wrong with me, I have experience of years, and now I cannot do this small work.

But the truth is this happens with almost everyone. Cause any task we do regularly becomes a monotonous task after a while. This phase is not going to last longer. But you will be in this phase. Maybe just for a trivial time. This is one of the reasons we need to take a break, vacation, and sometimes even a career break. You may not experience this if you have maintained your interest in the work through learning. But, if you face this phase, then don't panic. IT IS NORMAL and TRUE.

4. Friendship with Teammates is difficult:

Myth: Your teammates will not always support you. You cannot make true friends in the working environment. A few will take the credit for your work, while some will degrade your value before your boss or manager. You need to be aware of your peers. Having a supporting team is difficult to find.

Truth: I know that not all are blessed to find a supporting team. But, if you are genuine and take a step to establish and build your friendship with your teammates, there is no reason that they will deny it. We, humans, are either in fear of getting rejected or egoistic, thinking why should I take the first step. This means if you offer your friendship with your colleagues, they will accept it.

And suppose someone is not accepting your friendship. In that case, the probability is individuals have a problem with their teammates and not with a particular person. Also, you need to learn the art of handling people, be it your client or internal team. Once you understand how the other person reacts or responds to a certain situation, you will handle them smoothly. And in the end, no matter what your manager or seniors told you or peers told you, they will always help you in the time of crisis. Cause they know you are genuine. You can have a supporting team. And true friendship with teammates.

5. Work-life balance:

Myth: This is a never-ending discussion. It is said that it is difficult to balance your work-life. But, how much it is true? Definitely, to an extent, Balancing your relationships, personal life, and working life are difficult. It needs skills to prioritize your things and maintain a balance in every aspect of life.

Truth: But the truth is, we can balance our work-life. How? It is not much difficult. The only thing you need to do is to set boundaries. Prioritize your work. For instance, write down how much time you will give to things. And then, set your boundaries and be clear with them. Tell other people that this is the time I need for my personal space or professional space. I know that nowadays there is no time limit for work. But, if you want to balance, then you can do it. Also, you cannot balance every aspect of your life at the same time, ALWAYS. Accepting this is the first step towards balancing things. Make simple rules and follow them. Balancing would become effortless.

Let me know which myth of yours got busted and which truth you discovered.

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