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Planning Your Entertainment


You are relaxing on your cozy couch and reading your book with your favourite beverage. A ping on your mobile... you pick it up for a sec and...


Half an hour just flew by...

Now you are in the midst of what to do, continue reading, or continue scrolling?

This is what happens with almost every one of us. We pick our mobile for something else and end up with something else. In this pandemic and its chaos, we need to plan every single thing, even our entertainment. Stressing over wasting our time on entertainment and still wasting it creates more stress. We have understood the importance of planning from childhood. We plan about our life, goal, career, vacations. But, how often do we plan our entertainment? Probably never.

Does entertainment even need planning?

Yes, it is one of the essential things to plan about.

Let's see how we can actually plan our entertainment:

  1. Plan your time for entertainment: Take a pen and paper. Write down every work you need to do in the coming week. Have some extra buffer time for urgent and essential work. Calculate how much time you have for entertainment. Being aware of how much actual time you have for your entertainment is a great way to know what you want to do in that time.

  2. Slot your time for entertainment: If your job has an erratic schedule, then you can plan this for weekends. But follow this step. This way, your minds prepare you in advance. While working on something, you don't plan your entertainment in your head because you have already planned it.

  3. Ponder what new you want to do for entertainment It can be anything from a vibrant painting to dancing on your feet. Know what you are going to do for entertainment. Try something new. There are hundreds of different new ways of amusement. Don't get glued yourself with a mobile/laptop.

  4. Attach it with a goal: Promise yourself that you will reward yourself with entertainment if you achieve a particular thing. This way, you motivate yourself for achieving your goal and also plan in advance for your entertainment. It is a reliable plus while enjoying your amusement you won't stress over your work and time.

  5. Arrange in advance Binge-watching or reading a great book, you need something or the other. Arrange it in advance. Know what you are going to do, so you don't waste time deciding what you are actually going to read or watch or paint. For instance, if you are going to watch a movie, arrange your charge up your mobile and download that thing in advance and grab some snacks. If you are going to make some DIY crafts, then collect all your things in one place.

  6. LIVE that moment: I understand that being in this chaos can make it hard to be in the exact moment but, try it. Try to live that moment. You have rewarded yourself this. Enjoy it. If possible, try to include your family members.

Here are some benefits of planning your entertainment:

  • You are clear in your head: Planning in advance helps you in being clear about things. Knowing how much time you can spend on entertainment, you don't end up wasting on it. You know what you need to achieve to have your favourite time.

  • Stress-free: Planned entertainment helps you in enjoying your own moment. You know you have this moment because of your determination, and hence no need to stress that you are wasting your time.

  • It gives you two motives:

    • On a hard-working day, you remind yourself that you can relieve your all anxiety at your slotted time.

    • On a dull day, you have something that excites you.

You can accordingly choose your entertainment ideas based on whatever helps you or makes you happy. Do let us know some of your ideas in the comments.

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