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Poetry in Psychology

Poetry is known to be one of the mighty therapies. April is known to be the poetry month where one can open up and be honest about feelings so that individuals can voice out. The first step is to express ourselves. This acknowledgement of our innermost Thoughts allows us to be true to ourselves and boost our self-esteem. Poetry has powerful healing qualities documented during both world wars and the American civil war. Poems were read to soldiers to help them cope with the trauma and brutalities of war. Doctors would write poems to their patients, emotionally connecting with them. Best poems are written from the heart, raw, emotional and to the point.

Source: Ksenia Makagonova

After registering, there is a certain sense of calm as we no longer hold the burden of our confession. We feel lighter and relieved, and poems get easier with practice. The key is for emotions, words and images to unravel and unfold. Sometimes it is easier to write it all down and then mends or piece it all back together using line breaks (pauses). Restructuring paragraphs sentences pulling them together into a coherent form, also helps. Reading poems connects to the poet's thoughts and feelings, either feeling the same as the poet or empathizing with them with a sense of mutual understanding. Reading poetry for stress relief. Deep-seated emotions.

Poetry expressing emotions all literary works of extraordinary merit have been written by men capable of deep feelings and beautifully expressing their feelings through poems. We are all linked by a sentimental relationship that connects us with the ties of humanity. We are similar because we go through the same joys and sorrows, through the same illusions and disappointments. The supreme law of living makes us equals. We all feel euphoria and depression, sadness and happiness, hope and disappointments to a greater or lesser degree. Poets and philosophers hold the power to explain those intimate moments of the life of a human being. The poets hold the power to pour their emotions into a poem conceptually and explain the deep states and movements of the spirit. They likewise translate the emotions to a concrete language that demonstrates the human soul's complex and subtle realities.


Thus, it is joyful that poets can communicate with their verses. They can communicate their sadness, despair, anguish, pain, doubt, hatred, love, compassion, desire, admiration, faith, veneration, and hope. They Can also communicate all the feelings and emotions that, in general, can have a place in the soul of a human being. A great poet can make us vibrate with indignation at injustice and also the one who can make us shudder with a small and delicate pleasure with the fragrance of a flower. A great poet knows how to penetrate the deepest part of our souls. They scrutinize the most hidden feelings there to express them later with precise, adequate, concrete and at the same time, universal and valuable words. Ergo, it is indisputable that poetry aims to communicate feelings and emotions in the best possible way while evoking an extreme undertone of pleasure and emotions from the readers.

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