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Punctuality and Time Management

Remember those days? When we were a student, we would be informed a day earlier about the fun exercise held. We would be asked multiple times to be on time for the session. But how many turned up on time for the fun task?

Remember the sand clock?. Many of you might have had an experience in your life in which you were provided with a sand clock and informed about the task. Especially expecting the task to be accomplished by the time all of the sand settles in the lower portion of the sand clock. That would have been intimidating for some, challenging for some, during a fun exercise for others. During that phase, what one accomplishes is subjective. Everything that one has gathered of one’s personality reflects in the output. In that time, there would be some watching the sand falling in the lower half of the sand clock and time flies away. Some would have accomplished the task, while some have had accomplished some of it. In the given time, everyone accomplishes something with a certain state of mind. So, from a young age, we are provided with similar exercises to make us aware of punctuality and time management.

So, what is Punctuality and Time Management?

Punctuality is being on/before time to fulfil a task /& obligation. While trying to be punctual or for the punctual one, it is important to consider aspects in one’s control and those beyond one’s control to avoid stress, anxiety, etc. For instance, one has to reach a meeting at a certain time. Unexpectedly, one has confronted with too much traffic and gets a little late for the meeting. So, this was an aspect that was beyond one’s control and perfection in areas where there are aspects beyond one’s control that can cause stress which is not good for one’s mental health. Rather, one can choose to leave earlier next time and take the current event with a pinch of salt.

Time Management is how effectively one accomplishes tasks in a given time. But how effectively we do it is dependent on our mental and physical health, which is overlooked when we look for answers on how to be punctual and lessons on time management. Holistic health is important in every aspect of our life. Spending some time every day doing what makes our mind and body healthy. It also helps us to a certain extent to become punctual and manage time effectively.

Let us look at a few reasons why punctuality and time management are regarded as some of the top powerful mantras to grow in life.


  1. Punctuality can be observed in the natural environment. The sun rises every day, and when it is supposed to, so does the moon. For optimal health, one is said to wake up and sleep according to this natural clock. Similarly, maintaining punctuality in various aspects of our life is conducive for effective growth in those areas.

  2. punctuality in those called mundane tasks helps in building one’s self-confidence. When we have certain regular tasks to do, it is preferable to organize them and attend to them at that particular time. This also helps create space for oneself, others, and any other unattended tasks throughout the day. Eventually, this builds one’s self-confidence to take up more tasks on one’s platter.

  3. Each one of us and everything around us is connected in ways that are at times obvious and at times not very familiar. For example, basic to every mother out there, their punctuality directly affects the child’s tasks for the day. In an economic scenario, the connections are on a larger scale that is not very obvious. One can understand it with concerned knowledge. So if one is punctual, that affects the whole chain of life.

Time Management

  1. When one decides that one wants to manage time effectively, that is the first step to success. This might not seem significant, but the eventually-follow processes will lead to one’s overall growth. The major thing that happens is that one starts to filter out all that does not do good to oneself.

  2. Today, in every area, everyone wants everything in minutes or as quickly as possible. The information is increasing manifold, and it becomes highly impossible to absorb everything. As seen in the last point, time management helps filter out the things that one does not require, which helps one stay focused to accomplish multiple tasks. This, in turn, helps in work-life balance.

Taking care of mental and physical health is important for punctuality and time management, so it is the other way round. Each one of us has to understand our buttons and push accordingly to achieve holistic results.

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