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Responsibility and Freedom: Two Sides of the Same Coin

How often do we struggle for getting freedom? You will ask freedom from what? And I will ask you freedom from what not? If you are a youngster, or going to be one, or have already been, you can instantly connect with this. We living beings are born to live freely. And there’s nothing wrong with it.

Nothing comes alone.


We will check that later on. Let’s have a look at who wants freedom from what. A child wants freedom of doing anything and everything (taking a stroll anytime & anywhere, playing with things they found interesting). A teenager wants the freedom to do anything and everything. (buying anything, going anywhere with anyone). A young adult wants the same but with different things (They want to enjoy their life without being stressed about working).

A middle-aged adult wants (Freedom from all the responsibilities). An old man wants (Freedom from the ageing body, guilt, health issues, and maybe from his own life also). But as mentioned above, freedom brings responsibilities.

Let’s check out how!

If a child gets freedom, he will also get the responsibility of taking care of own self (which is quite impossible). If a teenager gets freedom, he will get the responsibility for taking care of own self. For instance, not getting engaged in the all wrongdoings things which teenager usually gets into. If a young adult gets freedom, he will also get the pressure of earning on his own and maintain a work-life balance. If a middle-aged adult gets freedom, he will also acquire responsibility for every single thing he is doing for himself.

If an old man gets freedom, he will also get the responsibility of taking care of his own self same as a child (You know life-cycle)

Now you must have understood that we all stand somewhere between all these things

The only problems with Humans are they want freedom without any responsibility

Some exact instance is:

An employee wants freedom from his boss orders, and for having this freedom, he has to take responsibility for earning on his own, including doing multiple roles

The young generation wants to become entirely free from parent’s advice/orders/intrusion, but settling in a new home could be an option? Probably Nah! (Also, this doesn’t mean that the child does not love or respect their parent, they just want their freedom)

This may trigger a war between couples. But on a serious note, man wants the love of his child, but not everyone can take their responsibilities. (From changing a diaper to instilling values in them)

This all instance has given you a brief of what is Yeah and what is Nah!

Let’s check how to know what is profitable for you

  1. WRITE DOWN ALL THE PROS AND CONS: Before taking this big decision to get FREEDOM. If you plan to become a freelance to get rid of boss orders, then write down what other responsibilities will come with this freedom.

  2. TAKE ADVICE FROM EXPERIENCED PERSONS: Not much because, on the other hand, you will get confused. Take whom you trust. This will get you more closure to your decision. Many times we actually don’t know how many hindrances will come after taking a decision, and the reasons are obvious because we don’t know that they exist.

  3. CHECK ON THE INTERNET: Being handy, and You will get numerous guidance because many have already shared their experience. Not to read too many. But a good number to conclude everything.

  4. COMPILE: All the things and have a conclusion. And then take the decision.

BE VERY CLEAR: Here, I’m not saying you believe that you can’t do certain things. But, I’m saying that if you know that you can’t do it after attempting it several times. It’s actually not that important to put on this much energy and time then just accept it and MOVE ON. Try something new.

And after some time, you can come back to work on that again!

BONUS ONE: Understand that everything has pros and cons. You need to figure out what you can endure for what. How many responsibilities you can take for the freedom you want.

Last but not least. Many problems can be solved just by accepting it as it is. If you understand that a few freedom brings much responsibility, which you deep down know that you can’t take, It is OK. We are HUMANS, and not everything and anything is necessary to be done by us. If you feel that certain things are not meant to be done by you, then leave it. Don’t make yourself and that work go suffer. If you think you can’t live alone because you are not that responsible, then drop the idea. Because in any case you are not going to make up that challenge and meanwhile you will feel sad about it. Instead, accept that and respect people who do that work for you and to overcome that guilt, take on another responsibility that you can handle completely.

I hope this article has given you a brief idea about both (Freedom and responsibility). Now you are ready to take your decision!

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