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Self-Love with a Twist: Part 1

This topic is interesting, isn't it? So this thought came to my mind a few days back while pondering over the MOST important thing in life?

Self-love or love with your life? I want you to contemplate it for a minute before diving straight into the blog.

Ready for a roller coaster ride?

Here, after contemplating the topic, I decided on the answer. The first thing is SELF-LOVE.

Why? We can have deep and quick thoughts on this.

Foremost, both are equally important. But, to get there, you will need time. And if I explain it to you, then you can decide which one is MORE significant. Let's understand the difference.

Loving your life - This means loving everything that is connected with you. Be it your career, relationships, the place you are in, and your current situation. Additionally, when you love your life, you start respecting and appreciating everything. But, let me tell you that life is adventurous in nature. It is a bit difficult to love your life ALL THE TIME. And when things don't go your way, you start getting irritated with your life. Even small things start bothering you. It takes the gut to accept everything and still go on. We all have a long way to reach there.

On the contrary,

Self-love: Self-love means loving yourself the way you love others. Like, your parents, siblings, friends, and even partners. When we love them, even their mistakes seem to be very normal. But, when we make the same mistakes, we feel guilty. And the only reason is we do not love ourselves ENOUGH. We only take care of our body, and that too when it gets unwell. But, here I am talking about overall health. It is important to take care of your health, be it emotional, physical, or mental.

Self-love has various benefits that we will discuss below.

Benefits of self-love:

  • You are your last breath partner: While scrolling a social media app, I found a question," What traits do you want in your partner?", And then I again started scrolling. After a while, I understood the meaning and then waited for a second. I thought, why it is always asked about the qualities of partners? Why can't we think of ourselves as our first partner? After all, we will remain with ourselves till our last breath. So, we need to be our first and foremost partner. Being your first partner is a bit difficult because we have not been told this for decades. But, for making our lives better in the upcoming decades, we can practice this. The only thing we need to change is to consider ourselves as our partners. Anyways we talk with ourselves as sometimes we need expert advice. So, once you start self-love, you will be able to be your "Last Breath Partner".

  • You are committed towards yourself: Believe it or not, but we can't take guarantee of someone else's commitment. We are not sure if our significant others will be with us till the last breath. But, we can take guarantee of our commitment. Staying true to yourself is easy than expecting others to be true. Once you are committed to yourself, others honesty will be a BONUS. Also, not expecting is the easiest way to get less stress and less disappointment. I know it is easier said than done. But we can try, AT LEAST.

  • You start believing yourself: When you start practising self-love, you start believing in yourself or vice-versa. But, your belief will build up with time. You will stop seeking approval from others. You will understand that not all will believe in you, but you will. Your belief will be your priority, and once you believe in yourself, all works will enhance automatically. The reason is quite simple when you believe yourself, you start feeling better and eventually start working better. It is all interconnected.

  • Helps in overcoming failure: Your self-love is something that will help you in the long run. Not only you will start believing in yourself, but you also start overcoming your failures. You know your value and worth, and a few rejections or failures won't bother your mental health. And when failure doesn't negatively bother you, you start observing the learning part. Also, you feel pretty energetic to overcome it by identifying the mistake and solving it. And this way, you prevent yourself from harmful thoughts.

  • You become ready for whatever life throws at you: I know this is hard. Being ready for every situation is quite difficult. But, believing in yourself that you can handle any of these situations helps you handle the toughest situation. You know that you have come so far while meeting some daunting situations as well. But, see, you are here, passing all life's toughest exams. Now, you can handle any situation in life. Now, you are ready to face any challenges life throws at you. You are a master at catching out all the seems to be impossible circumstances.

  • You feel secure in your skin: This means that you will be comfortable with all the aspects of your life. Be it financial, professional, personal, etc. You know that you are going to achieve your goal, no matter what. And this is because you love yourself and believe in yourself. You will be comfortable with your current situation without thinking how much others are ahead of you. You will feel good about yourself and others. Nothing will make you feel insecure.

Above mentioned benefits is just the tip of the iceberg. You will observe a diverse range of benefits once you start practising self-love. Trust me, nothing will make you feel as good as your own belief, faith, and confidence in yourself. I promise that this will not be easy. In fact, it would be a riveting journey, but trust me, you will enjoy every single process of it. Your average daily life would become intriguing and exciting.

In the next article, I will be sharing a few ways to practice this everlasting benefit.

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