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Shaping up Your Mind

In the last article, I told you about the importance of our mind. And coming straight to the point, I will ask what shapes our minds?

The answer is CONTENT!

Yes, content is the KING, Not only for social media but also for our minds. How? Let's discover this.

As we know, while growing up, our mindset is shaped as per our upbringing. As there is social media and influencers all around us, our mind is shaping as per the content we consume. I know we all are different and have different opinions and perspectives towards life, things, situations, and people. But, I also feel before getting influenced by influencers, we need to know about ourselves and our values. For some reason, I'm finding that people are just running in a race and getting influenced by each other without even realizing that where they are actually heading towards. Before getting inspiration from the influencers, we need to draw a line. A line between what we watch and what are we in reality. Sometimes we lose ourselves while trying to get fit into the societies standard.


Have a little self-introspection on this, ask yourself Why? What? Which? How?

  • Why are you consuming this content?

For instance, know this is for entertainment purposes or inspirational purposes.

  • What you are consuming?

If you are starting to read a book, then think about what impact it will create on your mind

  • Which medium you are using?

For instance, excessive use of any medium could be harmful. So, try to use a different medium at times.

  • How it is fulfilling the purpose?

For instance, sometimes we watch comedy to feel light and happy, so the purpose of watching a movie gets fulfilled as we are watching it for entertainment.

  1. Know yourself: Before jumping into the digital world every morning, decide who you are and for what you stand? What do you believe in? Do you get influenced by the influencers? If the answer comes no, then it's great. You can stop reading here, as we are going to talk about shaping our minds. And if you don't get influenced by anyone else, you have already shaped up your mind and reached a point where you know yourself and know how to deal with your mind. Still reading this? Great! I believe, firstly, you need to be aware of what you believe in. Sometimes, we see so many things and get influenced without thinking that do we believe in this? So, before doing what different people say you to do, know yourself.

  2. Know what content you are consuming: As I said above, content is the king of mind as well. Here, I am talking about every type of medium. It could be social media apps, websites, newspapers, magazines, or general books. The content we consume consumes us. For instance, watching a real-life inspiring podcast will motivate you to learn and grow. It will let you know what other struggles people face in their life and how they overcome it. So, as it is said, we become what we think. And I believe our thinking is based on what we feed to our minds. Our mind will shape up as per the content we are showing to it, so before consuming any content, why you are consuming it, and will it shape your mind as you want it to be, ask this with yourself. Just be aware of what content you are giving to your mind before getting into a binge-watch recommend by a friend.

  3. Know when to detox your mind: When was the last time you detox your mind? This, too, is glorified on social media cause it's true. We need to take a break with every type of medium and detox our minds. It can be video, audio, or pages medium. But, we need to take a break and reflect on ourselves and know what matters for us. Detoxing your mind will let you know what you believe in and what you should avoid. It helps us to know ourselves better. I know that for some of you, detox for one day would be hard. In that case, you can take a break for half day. At least you will realize that how addictive you have become to screens.

  4. Know the purpose of content: In this era, we all have forgotten the real purpose of the content. Movies are just for entertainment, and it is okay if you haven't watched some glorified movies or web series. Cause it was made to make us feel light and not make us feel FOMO (Fear of missing out). They are for us, and we are not for them. Movies, web series, videos, audio are for entertainment purposes and not for influencing our decisions. Also, I believe inspiration comes from a different perspective as well. Cause we get to know about the others way of thinking which eventually helps us build our minds. We can learn so much from a different perspective. And I also feel that the purpose of that content should be to broaden your horizon of perspective and not to force you into believing something else.

  5. Know more about where you are heading: If you know where you want to be and working to be there, then it's great. But, if you don't know where you want to go ahead, you need to know that. I will tell you one thing, my friend shared a meme with me that was 100% relatable. The meme was: Someone: What you want to be in your life. Me: It depends on the last movie I watched.

And I was like, this is so relatable. And I am not the one to get influenced by the movie, book, or newspaper I read. Also, I have another experience. While I read a meme about how we all waste our time and life, I felt like, yes, I am doing it and shamelessly proud about it. But, when I started seeing motivational memes, I realized how much I need to improve and believe me since then, I have improved a lot in a few years. I won't have improved that much if I keep seeing or watching those types of content. So many content creators are showing that how they waste their time, but, in reality, they are making a career out of it. Can you imagine that they show us how we all are trying and failing, but in reality, they are heading towards a new career path? This is quite impressive cause some people are making careers by just observing the things around them. Not their content, but their thought motivates me. It shows that you can create a whole new career path for yourself.

Honestly, when I watch a thriller movie, I feel that it is okay to take revenge by murdering someone. And when I watch our ancestor's stories, I feel that thinking of harming someone is a crime in itself. So, you can imagine if we continuously watch heinous crime things (which shows that taking revenge is okay), our minds will shape up like that. By this, I don't mean that I will harm anyone if they try to harm me, but somewhere in our mind, we are feeding our mind that IT IS okay to take revenge, WHICH IS NOT.

I am not saying that you don't entertain yourself. Just be aware of how it is affecting your mind. And, the content not only comes from nonliving mediums, but it also comes from living beings as well. Know who will inspire you and who will bring you down. And by this, if you feel that people around you are not inspiring you, you can get into a new community. Different communities are serving different purposes. If you want to grow in the career aspect, then sign up in that zone or if you want to just learn new things, then sign up for that. These communities don't even charge cause it is built for learning purposes. And everyone learns through each other. Your peer contributes too in shaping your mind. Sometimes people do things just to be included in the group and being cool. But, doing what you believe is COOLER.

Concluding, I wish we all get to know ourselves and our core values that don't get influenced by so-called glorified content creators or influencers.

We need to be more selective while consuming the content to feel the contentment.

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