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The Startup - Part 1

I'm sure you have heard this word multiple times in a day. Social media, our influencers, motivational speakers, and businessman are talking about it in some or another way. No doubt, they are guiding and empowering us to believe in ourselves. For some reason, I’m finding it glorified. Okay, I know that it is a great investment anyone can have. But, can everyone owns it? Do we all have that power to MAKE IT BIG? And if everyone will start their startup, then who will work for them? Are we just running behind an idea without having a real idea about it? Okay, let me give you a broad idea, why to inaugurate a business and forge it.

The first question needs to be WHY?

Maybe you don’t have to start a business because of the following reasons:

  • Out of FOMO: I know that we are dealing with FOMO almost every day. The obvious reason is social media and wanted to be included in a certain group. Maybe some of your peers have founded and created a business. You don’t need to jump in just to be a part of the discussion or be included. You have your whole life ahead. Starting it out of FOMO is not a good reason. There is a difference between being inspired and being feared. Also, sometimes we get a mixed feeling of fear of lacking behind and motivation. We don’t understand which reason is stronger that is pushing us to set a startup. Don’t get confused with that. And this doesn’t mean you have to wait. This means: first, you need to work on yourself to start a business. If you are interested and have your purpose, you can start making plans and visions and work according to that. Once you are on your toe, you can start it with confidence.

  • Under pressure: I know that staying in society and ignoring their words is not easy. Sometimes we get peer pressure, family pressure, or relatives pressure. They randomly ask stuff like your friends have started their business, “When are you going to do something big in life?”, “Are you going to do this 9-5 boring job?”, “You don’t have your dreams?”And so on. But, just to make them quiet, you can invest in something you are not sure about the return. Also, sometimes we only give ourselves pressure due to comparison. And we need to understand that everyone has different qualities. Know your qualities check if they align with being an owner? If not, then ask yourself do you want to build it? And if you are confident, then you can take a risk. Don’t start under pressure.

  • To utilize your Youth: Jumping into a startup to “utilize” your youth is not a good idea. I know people say that you are young, you have time, energy and smartness. But, these are not the reasons to jump in. Maturity is more important than age. I understood that you are young, so you have time and energy to experiment, but you need a few attitudes. Learning and applying attitude. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make mistakes., but it actually means don’t make mistakes while you know it. You know yourself. You need to understand that don’t start a race before knowing about the journey and destination. If you want to invest, then make sure it returns as well. Start the business if you are serious about it. You can start your business at any age. Don’t fall into the age trap. Your belief is more important than your age. Just know the reason for starting it, don’t get confused when having a mixed feeling.

First, separate and then start.

Why do you want to set a startup? Below are the good reasons to start...

  • You have an Innovative Idea: You have an idea that can solve customer’s or client’s problems or make their life comfortable. For instance, online taxi booking apps. They have solved customer’s problems. Just enter your pick up and drop location, and the taxi/ auto is booked. It is safe, affordable, convenient as well as dependable. It solves customer’s problems of searching for auto or taxi on the mid-way. This is an innovative idea to make customers travel comfortable. There other apps and companies as well that makes their client’s life comfortable. So think from a client’s POV. Think about what problem you are solving. Think that are you going to take up the service or product if you were at their place. Would you be willing to pay the amount? Try to be in their shoes. If you have an innovative idea that gives a solution and/or comfort to the client, you can see the success shortly.

  • You have a purpose: I read this in a post on social media, and they have described it beautifully and precisely that we work for 3 reasons. To 1.) Survive, 2.) save and 3.) serve. Most people work to survive, a few for saving, and rarely do people work to serve. The brand that makes it big is because of its serving attitude. In this competitive era, you need to have a full-proof idea that serves as well. It should be realistic as well as unique. Escalating customers satisfaction or solving the client’s issues needs to be the priority. It has to be something that shows your brand’s USP. When you genuinely serve them, you enter the market and builds a brand reputation. Having a purpose makes it clear what you want and what is the timeline. You can have anyone purpose from the three, but having all the three helps to grow the company and society. You can serve society indirectly as well. The way is to share your profit with the unprivileged people. And this is the biggest purpose one can have.

  • You have Passion: When you have passion for certain work, you will make it big. Cause the curiosity to know how to work better comes from within. And when you work on a certain thing to make it better, you take it to another level without bothering what others competitors are doing. You create your own path, vision and goals, and you don’t build your business. Your passion builds it. For instance, if you love doing photography, you can become a photographer or establish your agency. As you have passion, you will be working towards the quality of the photo, on the poses, angle, colours, and so on. Your passion will show the quality of your work. So, having a passion can be a reason to be a founder.

In the next article, I have written a few must needed qualities/requirements. Check that if you have them. And if you have them, then think, are you interested in establishing a startup? If the answer comes yes, then you know what you need to do...NEXT.

Comment down what you think. What should be the reason to start or not to start. You can add your pointers as well.

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