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The Superpower: Inhabited Within

If I ask you what superpower you would love to possess, what will be your answer? To be invisible? To fly in the sky? To bring anything on the table by just snapping the fingers? Right?

What if I apprise you that we own a superpower beyond these. Yes, you read it right. We own a superpower, and that is...


Our mind is our superpower, and our mind has superpowers. Read that again.

We can do anything with the power of our minds. It is the greatest gift given to us. Our mind and its nature decide our future. It has all the power to do anything in the world. I believe we need to maintain a balance between our mind and our body. We need to feed our minds so that it can help us in feeding ourselves. Your mind is the greatest asset and investment. We need to invest a heavy amount in it. Cause it can make or can break your life. Your mind is your greatest friend or the worst enemy. Here, I will not say to make your mind your servant but to make it your friend. It is said that your mind is the place you stay most of your life, make it a good place to stay. You can nurture your mind as you nurture your plants. Take care about the seed you sow in your mind, so shall you reap.

Let's discover the great powers of our minds.

  • Being solution-oriented: I have learned this while reading different books. I learned that great leaders are always solution-oriented. It is said that "What we focus on magnifies". This means if we are solution-oriented, we will see solutions in everything. Every solution will bring confidence in us that we can solve anything. There are millions of problems but billions of solutions. We only need to know what solution we are required to apply to a particular problem. And what way will it work out? For instance, if you are having trouble with your co-worker, you don't need to quit your job or fight with them. You only need to know their mindset. Know how to handle them. I am talking about understanding the mindset of the other person and know how to deal with them. Wherever we go, we need to face such people, and knowing how to handle them is power. Cause we can't fight with them. And the place you can't use your physical power, use the power of your mind. We are going to deal with different problems, situations, and people. And for dealing with all these, you need to be solution-oriented.

  • Having different/new perspective: This has saved me a lot of times. Whenever I felt that these things are bothering me or I cannot handle them, I just take a break and then start thinking again from a different perspective. I ask myself what new I can learn from this or what new thing this is trying to teach me. Having a different perspective helps a lot in seeing your life in another way. Learning to let in a new perspective can change your perspective towards things. You will realize how different people think about different situations and how differently they deal with them. The easiest way to broaden your perspective is to think from another person's point of view. For instance, if you had an argument with your dear ones before getting involved in fighting, think from their POV. Think what you would have done if you were at their place. This will help you in understanding why they are behaving in that way. Apart from this, I have started to separate everything before coming to a conclusion. For instance, If you face difficulty in your life, try to separate yourself from it. Realize that you, your problem, and the actual situation are separate. When you need distant everything, you will start seeing what the actual problem is. Sometimes, between two people, the problem is the situation and not the one between them. So, talking with people who have different opinions and perspectives towards life will help you learn and deal with it. Judge less and learn more.

  • Understanding and accepting: Understand and accept that life is not fair cause we are more privileged than many other people. By now, somewhere, we all have accepted a few things which were difficult to accept earlier. And this is one of the greatest power to be aware of what we can change and what we need to accept. Our understanding and acceptance the things, situations, or people have made our life much easier. Understanding that not everything will go according to us and accepting this fact needs too much power. And we have that power, sometimes we need to unleash it. I have read this somewhere, "When you find no solution to a problem, it's probably not a problem to be solved, but rather a truth to be accepted". This means sometimes accepting is the greatest power we can have.

  • Being optimistic: Being optimistic is another level of blessing. Trust me, it makes our life much easier. And if you are not optimistic, you can be one now. Being optimistic gives us a reason to think differently and try to find out good in everything. This is true that we can't be like this all the time. But, important is how many times we try to be optimistic. The more we see the good side, thing, situation, the more we will be happy in our space. Maybe you are not born with this quality, but you can always build it. This quality helps in the long term. The more you be optimistic, the more you train your mind to see good things in every adverse situation. An optimistic attitude helps us to see blessings in disguise.

  • Creating and discovering: Now, this is something which is highest above all. This is the highest power we can have. The moment we start creating and discovering new things, we are rising above all things. We stop getting influenced or irritated by small things. We become chill about small mistakes, and it can be of ours or of others. We look beyond those things. Our mind starts to create or get involved in discovering things. We learn from others and start to apply it in our life's different aspects. Creating or discovering gives us different contentment. It makes us feel the best version of ourselves. When we have this power, we are leading a great life. We know where to put the boundaries and what things are more important. Our mind gets trained to work in that way. Once you learn this quality, there is no looking back. The only thing you need to do is to shape up your mind.

In the next article, I will tell you about what shapes your mind. And if you know it, comment down below.

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