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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The two-wheelers that truly drives us to our destination is the combined contribution of both Interest and Aptitude. Without one, the other leaves no room for a wholesome accomplishment in one's academic and job life. More or less, this vehicle shall fail to move. It shall come to a halt if one of the two wheels is punctured, which will eventually end up causing much mental trauma and pressure on our tiny little minds.

Now, one may argue that the road to satisfaction and prosperity in a career mostly relies upon one's efforts, hard work and practice. It also depends on sharp memory, because that's what our education system primarily focuses on and dedication. And a generous amount of these shall definitely help one climb the ladders of success. There isn't a speck of doubt that intelligent academic life is a result of one's tireless efforts. Enough dedication to each subject, however, what we often fail to understand is that there is more to it. It is essential to keep in mind that the predominant factors are, after all, interest and aptitude. Nevertheless is the undeniable role of intelligence. Therefore, a proper proportion of interest and skill along with required levels of brightness (given the chosen career path) can bear desirable fruits in one's life.

On the one hand, interest is an individual's preference for engaging in one or more specific activities relative to others. On the other hand, aptitude is a set of skills that one has the potential to acquire given proper training. Where interest and liking for a specific subject/job give you enough energy to focus and work on it, aptitude provides you with the particular set of skills required to fulfil our areas of interest under proper training. Here, it gets all the more surprising, research proves that part can change from time to time and can be influenced by our environment and people around us. Still, an aptitude that is the ability to learn anything is a result of inheritance and develops until the age of fourteen. Much of it is dependent upon one's intelligence. Aptitude, thus, sets a mark and interest carries it forward. So one can confidently say that the smoothest means of developing any skill lies in the intersection of aptitudes and interests.

Research using the Ball Aptitude Battery has shown that although aptitudes and interests are only minimally related to one another. Both are closely related to the sorts of skills that individuals develop and the activities and jobs that people choose.

Psychologists feel very strongly about the importance of interest and aptitude on our academic and professional life. Let's understand this with a bit of an example. For instance, Radha has a great voice and sings like a nightingale, and over time her singing becomes better. However, she lacks any kind of interest in it and eventually comes to a stop singing. Her family forces her to join the singing classes again and continue learning it. But she goes against her family's wishes and leaves singing altogether. Likewise, when students, after completing their secondary board exams, are forced to take up science stream face much distress. Some may neither have the interest nor any aptitude to pursue science stream. However, others may have one of either, which still leaves one feeling miserable about one's own vast potentials. From the two examples, it's clear that a perfect balance between interest and aptitude is the key to happiness. Any imbalance in this see-saw can cause dissatisfaction and distress. It goes without saying that one has immense potential to turn mountains. However, it applies to mountains that one has a knack for. Not just any random mountain for that matter

Now I hope it's crystal clear as to why thousands of engineering students commit to suicide? (I specifically mention this because the statistics for this are far too gruesome and a reality). Nevertheless, this happens in every other field where children are pushed into doing something completely against their wishes. Unfortunately enough the guardians fail to realise how dreadful each day becomes, especially when one has to continue doing something that one is either not good at or is simply not interested in.

School counsellors provide students with different interest and aptitude tests to examine their area of expertise and liking. It saves them the mental pressure and burden of studying subjects out of their choice and helping them choose a career path best suited according to their abilities and wishes. Similarly, in specific job settings to candidates first, take tests of aptitude and interest along with a structured interview to finally appoint the person as an employee of the company.

So let's take out some time to educate ourselves and everybody around us about the two wheels and eventually put an end to burdening the tiny shoulders with unimaginable and unnecessary pressure and stress that ultimately causes disturbance to one's mental well being.

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