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Turn your dreams into reality.

“Dreams are impossible to be achieved”

This may sound strange and discouraging. Read the following and finally judge me with my first statement.

As a little kid, I usually dreamt of me as a butterfly with colourful wings to fly high in the sky and touch the rainy clouds. But, as I grow older, I understood my silly unrealistic dreams and realised that dreams are something that should be a realistic, believable one which should super excite you, keep you awake and make you work hard out of your comfort zone to achieve it. If you have something similar to this in mind, then you should,

Identify your exact dream

Dreams began from the mind of one person which later becomes a remarkable achievement. That may be simple or a great one, whether to start own business, build a new house, writing an interesting novel, buy something with passion, travel all around the world etc. No matter what, the dreams you are holding to, should always be capable of creating fear within yourself.

Build a plan

Designing a plan and prioritising are the significant keys in the process. Brainstorm all the possible ways to achieve your target and choose the best path to accomplish it. Write down a systematic procedure and prioritize your goal with a clear outline. Create a vision board or maintain a journal. It will make you realise that some of your goals are closer to happen in real than ever imagined. And others may entail efforts to attain it. This also assists in discovering the counts and intensity of milestones lying in the path.

Develop a blueprint that will lead you to your eventual goal. Divide your goals into short-term and long-term ones with deadlines fixed. Deadlines possess magical powers. It gears up the process when it is stuck halfway and minimises the habit of procrastination. Visualize your dreams, as it helps to train your mind to manifest your deepest desires effectively creating a positive self-image.

Start your Action

Your dream should wake you up every early morning and drive you to work hard/ smart, till your dreams are no longer dreams but reality. It is your responsibility to open the door and move forward in the right direction, though it seems extremely tough sometimes. If you are really determined, then it doesn’t matter, either it may be a huge step or a tiny step, but it should be consistent.

Be persistent

The journey towards reaching the goal is never guaranteed to be easy. There may be a list of things distracting you and pulling you away from reaching the goal. You may get frustrated, demotivated and pushed into heart-breaking challenges at times. But, that’s okay, breathe. Assume those life challenges are thrown to teach you lessons and prove your worthiness, strength along with your ability to bounce back with greater energy. Your spirit of resilience is more powerful than the situations. Accept the dark moments, rectify your mistakes and take a right turn without giving up. Be persistent and overcome the obstacles and milestones.

Document the progress and measure your success Track your progress through the vision board and note it down in the journal. Initially, regular checks may seem vague and it might look so weird, but once you start working on it, redefining the board then you will be surprised someday to look back the distance you have came across. Tracking your progress will minimise the detours that slow down the process.

Take time to measure your success. Praise, reward and celebrate your accomplishments and mark it in your journal. This will encourage you and fuels up the motivation to keep your vision alive driving you towards the target.

Be confident, courageous, consistent and go chase your goal. I mean the dream, your passionate dream.

Unless you work for it, “Yes! Dreams are impossible to be achieved”.

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