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"We need to talk!"

Talking is an essential part of any relationship. Each person can try to communicate correctly and talk about likes and dislikes. They can talk about what they want and don’t want from each other, their expectations, what makes them happy, and other essential things. Most of the problem faced by parents-children, friends, partners, families is the misunderstanding between them. Everyone needs to talk openly about their feelings. Not only expressing about themselves but also by being a good listener. Many times we can help people by just listening to their problems. The leading cause of misunderstanding is the lack of proper conversation with each other. This leads to fights and more remarkable arguments in some cases.

Talking about how was the day to daily reflections in details, partners, friends, and family can spend a lot of family time together. Sharing positive feelings and admiring each other are some of the ways we communicate and spend time with our loved ones. Sharing gratitude for those little efforts they put in for each other and discussing healthy habits can be a part of everyday family routines. Appreciating, emphasising and encouraging being the most important ones.

Talking is of no use till the other person whom we are talking to understands. Every message is worthless till the receiver doesn’t understand it. It is our responsibility to keep these two things in mind while conversing firstly. It is easy to understand by the audience, and it’s appropriately spoken out. As a great man has said, “Speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen to others”. He meant, tell your part of the story too but don’t start shouting it; instead, narrate it softly and slowly so that everyone understands.


  • Ask involving questions like, what is that one thing they like about their family. This question will leave a positive impact on everyone in the family. They will think of all aspects, particularly positive and this way they will realise each other’s importance. It helps in keeping the family in touch and loving each other.

  • This or that questions. It is fun in nature and helps in knowing each other’s likes and dislikes. The similarity and difference in likes and dislikes in family members can help avoid things that the family would not like.

  • Play THANKFULNESS. This will teach children to be grateful to each other. It will inculcate the importance of gratitude in a kid’s life and its benefits in relationships from the very beginning.

  • Tell your bucket list and ask others too. Make plans and see which can be completed together. This will bring the members close to each other. Spending time while creating memories and enjoying it is the best thing one can do in the family together.

  • Play the surroundings game. It’s called the Presence game. Be still and close your eyes.

Tell us 5 things you can see

#4 things you can touch

#3 things you can hear

#2 things you can smell

#1 thing you can taste.

Whoever tells all the answer is the winner?

When family understands each other, be there for each other in times of needs, no difficultly seems to break. Up’s and down’s are a standard part of any relationship. Still, when there is love and cooperation in the family, all the difficult time spent together brings everyone even closer. Healthy communication does all the work, but for that, you need to make efforts. The communication gap in this century should no longer be followed like a legacy. Let’s come together and tell everyone how much they mean to us. How much we love them. Because this pandemic of Covid-19 makes it very clear that life is much unexpected. The certainty is shown every day. Everyone is losing near or dear ones. Money and power seem to be of no use. Just love and support is needed. Humans, it’s time to be empathetic and understanding towards each other. Talk and tell your feelings to your loved ones before you regret them.

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