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What's New on your Platter?

Since last year we have all been stuck and safe in our homes. Either we are doing extra work or doing nothing at all. We are feeling tedious due to our regular and similar work. But, having something new always brings excitement and learning. I know you will say that I’m stuck at home and what fresh thing can work out in these 4-walls. But, to disappoint you I have multiple challenges that can challenge you! Below are 2 categories. The first one is based on a 1-day activity and the second one is based on the 1-week activity (You can customize the count of days). If you feel that a 1-day activity can boost up your energy then seek the first category and if you feel that you are a consistent creature and can take up the 7 days activity then strive for the second one.

Here are some things that will elate your enthusiasm and bring freshness to your life.

For 1-day Activity

  1. Perform like a pro: This is an amazing game that can boost your energy and creativity. Gather all the family members at the weekend in the living area. Be ready with your favourite snacks and jump on your favourite side of the couch. Make a chit and add your family member’s name to it. Stand up and pick up the chit. (Everyone has to perform consecutively) Now, start imitating them. Bring out the best performer in you, and your performance should convince the person you are imitating. Also, make sure you make everyone laugh, including yourself. And at last, vote to decide the best imitator and honour them with tremendous reward.

  2. Furniture’s repositioning: Reposition your furniture’s locations. This one may not only shift your furniture’s position but also bring a shift in your perspective. It may also show how changing can affect your thought process and your views as well. It will break the chain of your habits. Make sure you change the position of the furniture that will make you more comfortable. You can also change the positions of your DIYs and other decorative stuff. This will give your home a different and new look.

  3. Picnic in the home: The topic itself explains the fun. You only need to devote your full day to this fun-loving day, Picnic. Either you can plan, or you can just go with the flow. Everything will be the same except the place. This time you are going to have a fun day in your home. Decorate your home in the picnic theme the previous night and enjoy your day from the next morning. Relish your home-cooked food with lots of games and fun. Please note, tension and worries are not allowed.

  4. Smart virtual volunteer: This is a tough time, and volunteering can help you and the community. You will require an internet-connected device, i.e. smartphone or a laptop, and an empathic mind. This is the best way to contribute to NGOs and the community without being physically present. I’m sure you will learn something new and feel great after a contribution. Virtual volunteering has a time slot, and you can opt for the one appropriate for you. But make sure you work with your full focus.

  5. Block your date for an online party: Gather your friends and family for an online party. The number of participants you can decide later. But, invite them all. Inform them that this party is a little different. Block your date and time as per the mutual understanding. You all have to cook your favourite food in your kitchen. And then join this online party online. You can catch up and have discussions and little fights—play good old games like antakshiri, dum charade, etc. I know you won’t be able to play it properly because of a network issue, but still, you will enjoy it. And it is much better than just scrolling for choosing a movie and end up sleeping.

Now, here is another category for activities. These are more than a 1-day activity. This is a weekly challenge. If you have the power of being consistent, then this is for you.

Set out for this new 1-week challenge...

  1. Athlete and Healthy challenge: No, no, you don’t have to participate in any competition to be an athlete. But, you have to find that courage and strength to be one. Take a challenge of yoga or exercise for 1 week. And adhere to it till 1 week. Add a twist to your challenge by twisting it with eating healthy and tasty food. Please don’t say that healthy food can’t be tasty. There are hundreds of recipes that are tasty and healthy. Be ready with all the ingredients that are available in the vicinity of your home. Only your first day will be a real challenge. After that, you will feel motivated for the second day. And this will become a chain that will motivate you to adhere to your health challenge. Before starting, plan what you will eat and do and how much time you need to spare for this both. Set a time slot and stick with it. Take it as a challenge, and it will elate you. You can include your family members to participate in this.

  2. Catch up on a friend challenge: When was the last time you talked with your old friends? Call right now, keep this article aside, and call right now. Okay, if you want to continue reading this, then complete it and call your old buddies. Check out how they are. You will be gleeful by relishing your old pristine memories. You will realize that how things have changed, and on the contrary, nothing has changed. This is the best time to ask someone how they are and genuinely feels to help them. Helping has one more way, i.e. listening. Maybe, they only want someone who listens to them. So, catch up and learn about them. Help them. Talk for 7 days with 7 old friends.

  3. Learning new challenge: If you are a learner, then this is for you. Take the challenge of learning something new. This has a vast category. But, I will tell you about the way. You have 2 ways, either learn something new through a course or something random on your own. For instance, there are multiple different free courses available online for which you can enrol. Or if you want to learn different things for 7 consecutive days, then just randomly discover something new which interests you. You can also learn a new language or a new technique to know your learning ability.

  4. Artistic challenge: I know you are artistic. Show your artistic side to your near and dear ones. Show your hidden talents. You can show your creative side by making DIYs, dancing freely, singing melodiously, and so on. But, it should be interesting enough to keep you going for 7 days. You can take this challenge and have a picture every day for memory. Either you can share the picture with others, or you can keep it for abiding. Try this, and you will be rejuvenated. You can also get into a new creative hobby if you don’t have one. Just come out of your comfort zone, do something creative and challenging. For instance, if you are introverted, then try to talk online or on a video call.

  5. The “weirdo creativity” challenge: Don’t lie. I know you have some amazing creative weirdo ideas. Creative for you and weird for others. You can take up a completely weird challenge but make sure it doesn’t bother others. For instance, I will tell you what weird challenge I took for 11 days and COMPLETED it. You know that we all have some clothes which we have bought for wearing. But now, neither we wear it, nor we remove it from our cupboard. It is just lying in the cupboard with no future. So, 1 day I cleaned my cupboard and compile all the unusable clothes. And started wearing them one by one for 11 consecutive days. And as I completed 11 days, I realized there are more unused clothes. And that consecution lasts for some 15 days. Try this, and you will be blown up to find out that you have so many clothes that you never used for some idle reasons. Also, you can use it for making DIYs, or the greatest thing would be to give it to someone in need. But, it should be in a condition to be used.

I know you can also be creative, and this is the best time to be the one. We are saving our commuting time, and that can be utilized in being creative.

Comment down what new you are going to do.

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